Devcon VI

Autonomous Worlds Self Led Session
10-14, 10:00–15:30 (America/Bogota), Workshop 1

A session for those interested in the latest developments in Autonomous Worlds and fully on-chain games, including demos of cutting-edge projects, a panel with Optimism co-founder Kevin Ho and Dark Forest creator gubsheep, and an introduction to MUD — the open-source engine for building Autonomous Worlds.
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cyberspace vintner and digital physicist.

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Ops, startups, higher ed + tech, outdoor activities.

Game developer at @latticexyz working on Sky Strife.

Previously game developer at @darkforest_eth.

Commercial lead at Asphodel. Working on economic design and mechanisms for Autonomous Worlds.


Co-founder and dungeon designer @movingcastles_

Interested in building virtual worlds.

building ZK rollups for games at the 0xPARC AW Residency