Devcon VI

Social Composability Design: How DAOs Can Leverage It for the Future of Work
10-12, 17:30–18:00 (America/Bogota), Talk 1

Effective communication is a strategic advantage that DAOs are failing to leverage due to a fragmented and inefficiently designed tool landscape. Let's explore how social web3 primitives may unlock collaborative network effects. Imagine knowing if you can trust someone at a glance, without knowing anything else about them. We'll tie social theory of Bourdieu together with User Experience Design into a neat little package and see how it can herald a new era in working together.

Dominic Emanuel Horn is the Lead Product Designer (UX/UI) of Common Ground, a web3-native communication platform. Freelancing as a UX and product designer for clients such as Siemens, Mercedes, and more, he cares deeply about designing products with emotion, that look & feel great and push the boundaries of user experience forward.