Devcon VI

Opening Ceremonies
10-11, 09:45–12:15 (America/Bogota), Talk 5 - Opening Ceremonies

LIVESTREAMED TO ALL ROOMS IN THE VENUE. Devcon Opening Ceremonies featuring Aya Miyaguchi, Danny Ryan, Tim Beiko, Trent Van Epps, Jonathan Mann, & Skylar Weaver.

Skylar works with the Ethereum Foundation leading the Devcon team, with a strong focus on community education around Ethereum. Having started developing applications around Bitcoin back in 2013, Skylar is now most passionate about Ethereum, its community, and the positive impact it can bring to the world. And yeah also its memes.

Danny Ryan is a Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, focused on a series of core protocol upgrades aimed to make Ethereum more secure, sustainable, and scalable while retaining decentralization. He is involved with research, spec writing, client development, and general coordination around the project.

  • ethereum ecosystem work & All Core Devs call
  • creating with @StatefulWorks
  • one of many building the @ProtocolGuild
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Tim Beiko runs the AllCoreDevs calls for Ethereum.

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Aya originally became fascinated in the blockchain space for its potential to impact financial inclusion in emerging economies. In early 2013, she joined Kraken and educated the public, regulators, and media on cryptocurrencies and blockchain innovation globally as Managing Director of Japan. Her passion for creating lasting sustainable impact led her to join the Ethereum Foundation as Executive Director. There, she leads the Foundation’s work to support the Ethereum ecosystem through core resea

Chief Scientist @ Ethereum Foundation

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