Devcon VI

Unlimited Size Contracts Using Solidity
10-11, 13:30–14:30 (America/Bogota), Workshop 2

Ethereum currently have a limit of 24KB for a contract size which cause a major pain for many Solidity devs. I would present all available options to address this issue using Solidity language during the workshop and provide cons and pros of them. * External libs * Transparent and uups proxies * EIP-2535 * Static precompiled router proxy * Dynamic router
I will also provide gas optimization tricks for above methods and a novel method to reduce a gas cost for unlimited size contracts.

Igor Yalovoy is cofounder and CTO at fintech startup Babylon Finance. Babylon Finance has grown from zero to 30 million dollars in assets under management in less than a year. Previously, he was the core developer at OpenZeppelin securing billions of dollars in funds for leading crypto organizations including Coinbase, Ethereum Foundation, Compound, Aave, TheGraph.