Devcon VI


Deniz Yilmaz
🦆 Core unit facilitator of DUX team @MakerDAO, working on governance UX and tooling
🧠 PM & creative facilitation, crypto class of '17
💙 wagmi

  • DAO Governance Design Jam
Aayush Gupta


  • Non-interactive, Unique Nullifiers: The Key to The Next Era of ZK
  • zkemail: Decentralized ID Verification on Chain Without Servers

Abbey is a technologist, governance researcher, product strategist, and community developer/leader. She spends her time building decentralized technologies and growing open-source communities around them.

Since 2019, she’s run all things community & governance at Radicle, building decentralized collaboration tools for developers. She is currently stewarding the projects transition to the DAO. Additionally, she sits on the Board of the Radicle Foundation and Optimism Foundation.

  • Practical Pluralism ♻️🌱
  • Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling: How Do We Fund Community And Ecosystem Growth
Abhishek Bhattacharya

Abhishek is a Co-founder at Whrrl - India's only blockchain native fintech platform. He's a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree and a 3-times Entrepreneur, Author, and a regular Speaker of Blockchain Tech. At Whrrl, he's bringing Blockchain to farmers to save their income, covering 1,400 warehouses & 18,000+ farmers and US $300 Million in committed TVL and now connecting them to global DeFi lenders, supported by United Nations Development Programme, IIM Ahmedabad and MassC

  • Ethereum for the next billion: DeFi for the unbanked/underbanked
Adam Hart

Adam Hart is a training specialist at Chainalysis specializing in DeFi and web3 investigations. He built the Chainalysis Ethereum Investigations Certifications course and has presented on Ethereum and DeFi on-chain analytics at various industry events.

  • The $10B Problem - web3 Security Against Coordinated Adversaries
Adrian Hamelink

Cryptography engineer @ Aztec

  • The Future of PlonK-ish Systems
Adrian Manning

Adrian is a co-founder and director of Sigma Prime. He has a background in physics but has spent the last few years working on the Ethereum consensus protocol, building the Lighthouse client. He is primarily focused in the networking aspects of the client and the protocol.

  • Reducing Beacon Chain Bandwidth for Institutional and Home Stakers
Adrian Sutton

Adrian is an escapee from the world of centralised finance but is now making amends by contributing to the Ethereum core protocol as a Lead Blockchain Protocol Engineer at ConsenSys. He is a core dev on both the consensus and execution layers, leading development of ConsenSys Teku and contributing to Hyperledger Besu. When he's not coding he can be found discussing Ethereum and answering questions on pretty much all the Discord servers, and Telegram chat rooms and…

  • "It's 10pm, do you know where your mnemonic is?"
  • Post-Merge Ethereum Client Architecture
Afri Schoedon

Head of Protocol Engineering and Managing Director (Germany) at ChainSafe Systems. Initiator of the Goerli Testnet Initiative and organizer of ETHBerlin. Maintainer of the open-source Ethereum Ruby and Crystal libraries.

  • Post-Merge Testnets
Agustín Matteri

Agustin Matteri, is an expert in Environmental Law and Policy, with proven sound capacities to integrate donors and beneficiary countries interests in order to develop robust climate action strategies and financing portfolios. He counts with more than 12 years of experience working for the UNEP Climate Change Unit of the Latin America and the Caribbean Office and the Ministry of Environment of Argentina. He is the current leader of the Regional Hub for Blockchain at the Service of Nature.

  • Climate Change or Social Change? The Role of Blockchain
Agustina Aldasoro

I'm a Computer Scientist from University of Buenos Aires, where I'm also a former teaching assistant of Algorithms and Data Structures II. I've been working as a Software Engineer since 2015 in different companies, such as Wolox, Flimper and Medallia, with a large experience in Backend and Infrastructure. Currently, I'm Tech Lead in the Platform team in Decentraland, where we build the decentralized Services network to support the Metaverse backend functionalities.

  • Using IPFS to Create a Metaverse
Albert Ni


  • What to know about Zero Knowledge
Ale Machado

Alejandro is a co-founder of the Open Money Initiative and a product strategist at Bitrefill, the world's most popular site to buy real-world goods and services with cryptocurrency, including being able to pay water and electricity bills in El Salvador. He will talk about his observations on the ground in El Salvador, where the average citizen doesn't have a bank account, but does have a mobile phone, and a better-than-average awareness of bitcoin and its benefits.

  • Living on Ethereum
Alejandro Santander

Die hard Etherean. 15 years in software development. 5 years in Ethereum app layer development. Creator of the Ethernaut CTF game. Founder of the EthernautDAO. Ex Aragon and OpenZeppelin. Currently core contributor at Synthetix, as well as forming devs and helping teams grow via the EthernautDAO.

  • Alice in Proxyland
Alejo Salles

Sailing Master @Flashbots! ⚡🤖
Former Research Lead at OpenZeppelin.

  • This is not MEV.
Alex Bazhenov

Alex has been in crypto since 2017 and currently works as a senior software engineer Thesis where he is working on a decentralized and fully-open-source web3 wallet. He has previously worked in high frequency trading in the TradFi world as well as a centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

  • EVM - Some Assembly Required
Alex Beregszaszi

Alex is the team lead of Ipsilon at the Ethereum Foundation, a group focused on improving the EVM. Alex has been an early contributor and co-lead of the Solidity team.

  • What's next in EVM
  • What would Solidity 1.0 and 2.0 look like?
  • The Showdown: Best Ethereum Language
  • EVM-first EIPs Workshop
Alex Stokes

Alex Stokes is a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation who believes deeply in the Ethereum vision. To achieve this vision, he has been working on scaling R&D to make the core protocol more secure and accessible to everyone. This includes tooling and testing work for the Merge, exploratory prototyping for sharding work like EIP-4844 and EIP-4895 to enable validator withdrawals after the Merge. When he is not working on Ethereum, you can find him at the nearest mountaintop.

  • Light Client Self Led Session
  • Block building after the Merge
Alex Van de Sande

Alex joined the Ethereum foundation in 2014 and was lead of the Wallet and Browser project as well as many other contributions. During his term in the foundation he also founded ENS with Nick Johnson. He has also since worked on many projects, trying to help onboard users in a multisig account (Unilogin) and worked at the Defi project Balancer Labs. Alex is currently a delegate and public goods stewards for ENS.

  • How to Talk to g̵i̵r̵l̵s̵ Users at p̵a̵r̵t̵i̵e̵s̵ Your App: How to Do User Research in a Remote Environment
Alex Vinyas

Master of the CoWmunity

  • The Fight for MEV
Alexandre Bourget

Alexandre, a trained classical pianist, now father of 8, started programming at age 12. He discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and launched the first Canadian Bitcoin payments processor. He continued to become a prolific data scientist and open-source advocate, only to come back to blockchain to build high-performance data solutions in the space.

  • Introducing The Graph Substreams for High-Performance Indexing
Alfredo Bateman

Secretario de Desarrollo Económico de Bogotá

  • How Latam cities are thinking about blockchain solutions.
Alim Khamisa

Alim is a Product Manager at Element Finance. In 2019, he co-founded the DeFi Toronto meetup which has grown to over 2,000 members worldwide. In 2017, he helped to launch one of Canada's first industrial-scale crypto-mining companies. On the academic front, he teaches part-time as an Adjunct Professor in the Blockchain Development Program at George Brown College. He recently authored a chapter titled 'Token Economies' in The Emerald Handbook of Blockchain for Business (published March 2021).

  • A Playbook for Product Development in DeFi
Alp Ergin
  • Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling: How Do We Fund Community And Ecosystem Growth
Althea Allen

Head of comms for Privacy and Scaling Explorations, an Ethereum Foundation-supported team.

  • Participant Experience Design
Althea Allen
  • ZK Applications Showcase - Opening Remarks
  • MUD: an Engine for On-chain Games
Ana Belén || AnaTech

Ana Belén is Mexican and is currently leading the Ethereum Mexico community, she is Governor at H.E.R. DAO LATAM and SMM for Espacio Cripto.
Contributor at BanklessDAO.
She loves marketing and community building and the impact of technology on people's lives.
Goals: Get more builders and founders from Latin America into Web3.

  • How to Build Bigger and Stronger ETH Communities in Latam - EN ESPAÑOL
Anda Ngcaba

Anda Ngcaba serves as the Chief of Operations (COO) at the University of Cape Town Financial Innovation Hub. At the financial innovation hub, Anda oversees day to day operations, partnerships and business development. Through his work at the Financial Innovation Hub Anda also serves as COO of Axone, a platform for content creators to collaborate in a unique way.

  • Giga: How Can Blockchain Help Connect the Next Billion
Andrew Milich
  • Skiff
Andrew Vaziri

Andrew Vaziri is a technical lead in GiveDirectly's Innovation Team. He works primarily on geospatial data, machine learning, and blockchain projects. He graduated with an MS in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech and has worked for Apple, Microsoft, and multiple successful startups as a software and machine learning engineer.

  • Lessons from the Field: Threat Modeling for the Everyday Use of Digital Currency

Game developer at @latticexyz working on Sky Strife.

Previously game developer at @darkforest_eth.

  • Autonomous Worlds Self Led Session
Andy Boyan

Andy Boyan, PhD.'s past life as a Professor of Communication led him deep into the weeds of social science exploration of game mechanics and player effects. Turning this experience to Web3 after going down the 2017 crypto rabbit hole, Andy worked for Status, Ava Labs, and Chainlink Labs before Co-Founding Infinity Keys, creator tools for providing Web3 treasure hunt questing. He is definitely not an agent of the Elder Gods come to prepare the earth for a cold reign of starlit oblivion.

  • Composability and Gamification
Anett Rolikova

Internship Program Manager at

  • Ethereum Magicians Protocol Roadmap Session
  • ERC lightning talks
Anna George

CEO/Product Lead at CowSwap and Master of the CoWs

  • One Block, One Batch: Examining the Potential of Frequent Batch Auctions in Ethereum
Anna Kryukova

Anna currently leads Community Programs at the Celo Foundation. She has previously decentralized her own job as a community lead at the Maker Foundation and is an active member of communities of care like Meta Gamma Delta Kernel. Is likely traveling and wandering around.

  • Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling: How Do We Fund Community And Ecosystem Growth
Ansgar Dietrichs

Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation

  • How to Scale a Blockchain: Motivating the Ethereum Rollup-Centric Roadmap
  • Danksharding Workshop

Antonela is a product design lead practicing ethical user research and open, human-centered, participatory design. She is interested in critical internet infrastructure, security, privacy, open-source communities, and feminism as an intersectional practice. Currently, she is bringing usable security to the decentralized identity manager, MetaMask. Before, she led the User Experience team at The Tor Project.
Between 2012—20, she has been wandering all over the world, living a nomad life.

  • Usable Security in Web3
Anukriti Kunwar

Anukriti is a product manager at SpruceID. She is currently trying to find a perfect product management tool that encapsulates CR, customer feedback, and feature requests.
She loves travelling and planning to explore more of South America next year!

  • Sign-in with Ethereum
Aqeel Mohammad

Aqeel Mohammad is a Product Strategist, and Design specialist focused on leading market adoption and consistent user experiences across Web 3. He has extensive experience leading human centered design organizations with a focus on strategy, product definition, and business transformation. Notable projects include leading design and product efforts for the Lighthouse and Nimbus consensus clients along with community development efforts including Devcon, Devconnect, and Web3 UX Unconference.

  • Can’t Someone Else Do It!? Shifting Behaviors in Ethereum Network Participation
  • Adoption Day — UX Unconference 🚀👩‍🚀
  • DEVA Awards
Ariah Klages-Mundt

Ariah is a DeFi researcher with a track record of predicting design problems in stablecoins, including the design issues in Dai that contributed to Black Thursday. He has designed and built a large part of Gyroscope, including new AMMs and stablecoin markets. He is an Applied Math PhD student at Cornell University, for which he was a Bloomberg Fellow and Commercialization Fellow. He worked previously in the financial technology sector.

  • Designing Autonomous Markets for Stablecoin Monetary Policy
  • Security Risks in DeFi: Delineating Technical and Economic Security
Ariel Zimroni

VP Product @ BloxStaking, developing decentralized infrastructure for Ethereum staking.

  • Promoting Small and Independent Stakers: Q&A with the Ethereum Staking Protocols
Arkadiy Kukarkin

Arkadiy is currently the Decentralization Lead at the Internet Archive. Previously he was an IPFS integrations/grants coordinator at Protocol Labs, CTO at Mediachain, and worked on supporting independent music (Hype Machine, Ampled) and cartography (Foursquare)

  • Universal Access to All Knowledge: Decentralization Experiments at the Internet Archive
Arthur Baer
  • Autonomous Worlds Self Led Session
Arun Devabhaktuni

Lead Researcher at Mirana

  • Notable security incidents since Devcon V

Dj. Producer. Livecoder. Trans artist from Cali, Colombia.

Pacemaker for sound and visual journeys through acid, tropical, electric, fiery, rebellious and diverse frequencies of world music. Their sets denote the fluidity of musical genres, daydreams of tropical fever.

  • Livecoding Performance
  • Livecoding Performance
  • Livecoding Performance

Aspiring polymath doing R&D on the privacy and scaling team

  • Crypt-Keeper ZK Identity Wallet
  • Rate Limiting Nullifier
Atractor Estudio

Colombian electronic arts collective Atractor understands technology as a field of struggle from their Latin American context. In this scenario, assimilating and experiencing technology always as active users implies that electronic arts and creation have the power to spark conversations and create spaces for community dialogue

For DEVCON they will be performing a video game live performance The Migrants and launch their NFT Botánica Transgénica.

Attila Gazso

Attila has a background in distributed systems engineering and currently works on Swarm, where he wears many hats. His current interests are cryptography, CRDTs and designing incentivised markets. In his free time he likes to herd cats, collect herbs and visit remote places.

  • Join the Swarm: how to run a light node or full node

DAO obsessed co-founder of Gnosis Guild and Former professional basketball player.

  • Practical Pluralism ♻️🌱
Auryn Macmillan
  • Web3 is Going Great
Aya Miyaguchi

Aya originally became fascinated in the blockchain space for its potential to impact financial inclusion in emerging economies. In early 2013, she joined Kraken and educated the public, regulators, and media on cryptocurrencies and blockchain innovation globally as Managing Director of Japan. Her passion for creating lasting sustainable impact led her to join the Ethereum Foundation as Executive Director. There, she leads the Foundation’s work to support the Ethereum ecosystem through core resea

  • Opening Ceremonies
Barnabé Monnot

Barnabé is a team lead and researcher at the Robust Incentives Group, Ethereum Foundation. He focuses on economic modelling of the Ethereum protocol, using simulations, empirical data and formal analysis.

  • Updates on Proposer-Builder Separation
Barry Whitehat
  • What to know about Zero Knowledge
  • Future of Proving Systems - Opening Remarks
  • ZK Security SLS - Opening Remarks
  • Auditing Strategy for zkEVM
Bartek Kiepuszewski
  • Rollups Are the Most Secure Bridges
Bartek Rutkowski

Bartek Rutkowski is a Lead Blockchain Engineer and Protocol Architect at TrueFi Engineering, the core team building TrueFi lending protocol and working on a set of public goods applications including UseDapp, Waffle & Mars. Bartek was a mentor and speaker at ETHOnline, ETHAmsterdam, ETHPrague, Devconnect and many more. An active member of ETHWarsaw Web3 community.

  • Smart-contract Testing Using Waffle Framework
Ben Jones

Ben is Chief Scientist and Musician at the Optimism Foundation.

  • Fixing the Internet with Layer 2 Governance
  • Music Jamboree with Weird ETH and Friends
Benjamin Memisevic

I'm a smart-contract/full stack engineer who is in love with De-Fi and blockchain in general. I have been working in the space for 3 years now and have primarily focused on building bonds-on-blockchain, derivative trading and blockchain observavability platforms. i have significant experience in the oracle space having worked with Chainlink for 2 years and have a real passion for ensuring external data arrives un-compromised and in-tact when powering blockchain-applications.

  • Blockchain Analytics 101: Building an Indexer from Scratch
Benson Njuguna

Benson is an Ethereum Foundation fellow, working with ACRE Africa and Etherisc to deliver insurance to smallholder farmers in Africa. He is on a mission to elevate his local community financially, through technological innovation. He is currently working on real life application of Ethereum network to solve transparency and efficiency problems in traditional insurance. So far the project has reached over 50,000 smallholder farmers in Africa ,de-risking them from adverse weather events.

  • Ethereum for the next billion: DeFi for the unbanked/underbanked
Bobbin Threadbare

Bobbin is a project lead of Polygon Miden - a STARK-based ZK-rollup being developed at Polygon. Prior to joining Polygon, Bobbin was ZK researcher at Facebook's Novi, where he led the development of Winterfell, as highly-performant general-purpose STARK prover. Besides Winterfell, Bobbin has made multiple contributions to the field of STARK-based proving systems, including a STARK-based virtual machine (Distaff) and AirScript/AirAssembly languages (work supported by the Ethereum Foundation).

  • Using a Hybrid UTXO and Account-based State Model in a ZK Rollup
Brandon Kase
  • Next-Generation DSLs and IRs
Brandon Ramirez

Brandon Ramirez is the Co-Founder of The Graph & E&N, and was the original inventor of The Graph's protocol design and economics.

Brandon is a deep generalist, drawing from his academic studies in Robotics, Control Systems, Economics & Signal Processing, and professional experience in Product Management, UX Design and Software Engineering.

He believes many of the world’s most pressing problems are fundamentally about incentives and social coordination.

  • Supporting the Ethereum Roadmap with a Decentralized Blockchain Data Supply Chain
Brian Wilkes, CFA

I am a data scientist and financial analyst currently working on a grant from the EF PSE team. I am fascinated by a future enabled by zero-knowledge technology, including both scalability and privacy. Outside of Ethereum work, I am a husband and father of a 2-year-old I like to carry up mountains in Colorado. I am generally interested in everything, but you will catch my attention with music (I play bass), skiing, and anything Ethereum related :)

  • ZK Proof Performance and Security Characteristics
Bruno Macaes

Bruno Maçães is a senior advisor at Flint Global and a columnist for the New Statesman. The author of 'Belt and Road'; 'History Has Begun'; and 'The Dawn of Eurasia', he advises some of the world's leading companies on geopolitics and technology. His latest book is 'Geopolitics for the End Time.'

  • Why Only Virtual Money is Real Money
Bryan Moreno

Born in Brazil but currently based in Berlin. I've been writing software for over 10 years, both on the backend and on the frontend. Almost a year ago, I started working at Shopify on their blockchain team. I've been helping them tap into blockchain technologies and use NFTs to unlock new commerce experiences for their customers.

  • The Challenges and Learnings of Implementing Wallet Connection on Mobile
Camila Garzon

Camila is an engineer and educator who is passionate about making it easier for developers to build in web3. Camila works as a Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node where she helps devs build performant, decentralized APIs. She is core team at Women Build Web3, an accelerator for developing top woman engineering talent and fund for projects led by women.

  • Education across Cultures
  • Machismo, Remittence, & Inflation: Scaling Ethereum for Widespread Adoption in LATAM
Carl Beekhuizen

researcher with the ethereum foundation.

focus on consensus & cryptography r&d when not farming protocol calls for "goodbyes"

  • The KZG Ceremony - or How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love Trusted Setups

Builder on Ethereum. Core member of the BuidlGuidl where he builds tools and public goods for the ecosystem, like SpeedRunEthereum and ABI Ninja. Previously worked for more than 10 years as a freelance software developer.

  • Introducción a Scaffold-ETH y SpeedRunEthereum
Carlos Matallana
  • Blockchain developer since 2018
  • Ethereum enthusiastic :)
  • Worked on self-sovereign identity at Iden3
  • Main contributor to zkRollup PoC developed at Iden3
  • Protocol designer at hermez zkRollup
  • Protocol designer at polygon-hermez developing the zkEVM
  • Introduction to Circom2.0
Carolina Pinzon

Carolina is a Senior Frontend Developer at Shopify. She is part of the Blockchain team, where she combines her passion for Frontend development and decentralized applications. Originally from Colombia, Carolina is currently living in Vancouver, Canada.

  • The Challenges and Learnings of Implementing Wallet Connection on Mobile
Caspar Schwarz-Schilling

Researcher @ Ethereum Foundation, Robust Incentives Group

  • Time in Ethereum - on the implications of replacing our dear friend Poisson
Cayman Nava

Ethereum core developer working on Lodestar at ChainSafe

  • Lodestar: Metrics-Driven Development

Blockchain Software Engineer. Working on usable, open, decentralized technologies for a real user-centric web.

  • Anonymous Signalling on Ethereum
Chaitanya Konda

Chaitanya is an applied cryptography researcher working in EY's Blockchain R&D. She built Nightfall which is a zero knowledge proof based privacy solution for transferring tokens with privacy. She then worked to decrease the cost of these transactions further, one of the approaches to solve this lead to Nightfall 3, an optimistic zk solution for private transfers of tokens. Along with Polygon, she led the efforts to deploy Nightfall 3, also called Polygon Nightfall, to Ethereum mainnet in May 22

  • Scaling Privacy with Starlight
Chance Hudson

Engineer on the Privacy and Scalability Explorations team at the EF.

  • Building a Unirep ecosystem
Chandler De Kock

Growth Strategy at Astaria. Chandler focuses on building the future of web3 by solving the problems that matter to the people that work in the space every day.

  • The Future of Social Coordination of DAO's
Chandrakana Nandi

Senior Researcher, Certora Inc.

  • Future of Smart Contract Security Audits: REKT or WAGMI?
Chang-Wu Chen

Dr. Chang-Wu Chen is the head of imToken labs, leading wallet, contract development and crypto research. Prior to joining imToken, he worked for AMIS as a chief scientist from 2018 to 2020, and Ethereum Foundation as a researcher from 2017 to 2018. He served as an adjunct assistant professor, teaching Ethereum DApp development, at the National Chengchi University from 2018 to 2021.

  • Post-Merge Wallet
Charles St. Louis

Charles St. Louis is the COO and Head of Governance at Element Finance. Previously, he was the Decentralized Governance Architect at the Maker Foundation and one of the first mandated members of MakerDAO elected by MKR Holders.

He's been an active contributor to Ethereum and the Ethereum Cat Herders, helping with improving the EIP process, coordination of hardforks, advising, and working on Ethereum developer growth strategy.

  • Why Crypto Protocols Are Failing at Governance, and How to Fix It
Chess Tournament

Chess Tournament

  • Chess Tournament
Chih-Cheng Liang

Chih-Cheng builds some privacy or scaling applications.

  • Little Things I’ve Learned in Developing Halo2 Circuits
Chris Battenfield

Chris is the head of product at Obol Labs, a R&D-focused team developing a protocol for trust-minimized staking. Before Obol, Chris built the ETH staking launchpad(

  • How to Design DVT While Ensuring Non-Correlation
Chris Buckland

A developer and researcher in the L2 space. I've worked with state channels, watchtowers and am now a developer at Arbitrum, Offchain Labs helping to building the next generation of L2 protocol - rollups.

  • Demystifying L2 Transactions
Chris Cassano

Chris got started in crypto in 2011 and created the first commercially available hardware wallet in 2013, Piper Wallet. He co-founded Lit Protocol to democratize access to threshold cryptography and bring freedom through math.

  • Decentralized Programmable Key Pairs
Chris Whinfrey

Co-founder of Hop Protocol
Author of the Hop Whitepaper:
Previously co-founder of Authereum and Level K
Audited Open Zeppelin, dYdX, Augur, Decentraland, and more
Started the first Ethereum meetup in Boston

  • Battle of the Bridges: Untangling the Tradeoffs of Various Bridge Designs
Christian Seifert

Research @ Forta. Prior to joining Forta, Christian spent 14 years at Microsoft leading security research and applied research teams supporting Microsoft Defender security offerings. Christian also led The Honeynet Project, a global non-profit security research organization bringing passionate security researchers together working on open-source honeypot tool development and threat intelligence.

  • Hunting and Monitoring for On-Chain Attacks
Christian St.Louis

Cofounder at, a decentralized finance R&D firm that specializes in building products and contributing to protocols with a high aptitude for understanding complex data. Previously worked on data problems in ad tech and have two degrees from Queen's University in Math and Data Science.

  • Using The Graph and Dune to Power on Chain Actions
Christine Kim

Christine Kim, Galaxy Digital, Research Associate
Prior to Galaxy, I worked for three years at a crypto media company called CoinDesk as an analyst and tech reporter, mainly covering developments on Ethereum. I’m passionate about producing data-driven insights about the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. My research focusses primarily on the protocol-level development and future roadmap of Ethereum.

  • A Breakdown of Ethereum Supply Distribution Since Genesis
Chuy Cepeda

Chuy, PhD, Monterrey, uses blockchain technology to digitize government services and give citizens their digital identity.

  • Ethereum for the Next Billion: Who Are Your Next Billion?
Collin Myers

Hi I am Collin Myers, founder of Obol Labs and project lead of the Obol Network. I have been working on lower layer Ethereum technologies since 2017 historically working at ConsenSys. I have spent the better part of the last 4 years working on the enablement of Eth2 in various capacities. I built the Eth2 calculator, Eth2 launchpad, internet bonds, and a co-creator of DVT.

I have spoken at Devcon before and would to do it again! Thank You for putting this on!!!

  • [Panel] The Staking Economy: From Monolith to Modularity
Connor O'Day

Connor's background is in economics and computer science. He began working at ConsenSys in 2015 followed by Gitcoin in 2019. He initially focused on growing the Gitcoin developer community via virtual hackathons and more recently, following the launch of GitcoinDAO, has transitioned to work full-time managing Grants Ecosystem rounds with the PGF workstream. Today he's excited about growing adoption of the quadratic funding mechanism and experimenting with it in new and unique ways.

  • New Applications for Quadratic Funding
Connor Spelliscy

Connor Spelliscy is a crypto researcher and advocate, primarily focused on DAOs. He runs the DAO Research Collective, which accelerates DAO functionality by supporting and curating research foundational to effective DAO operation.

He helps run the Gitcoin advocacy ecosystem round and previously co-founded the Blockchain Association and the Canadian Web3 Council, two of the leading industry associations for crypto.

  • Open Sourcing and Coordinating DAO Research for the Public Good
  • Fighting for Crypto's Future: The State of Regulation & Advocacy
Corey Petty

Dr. Corey Petty started his blockchain focused research around 2012 as a personal hobby while doing his PhD candidacy at Texas Tech University in Computational Chemical Physics. He then went on to co-found The Bitcoin Podcast Network and still serves as a host on Hashing It Out. Corey entered the data science/blockchain security industry for a few years attempting to fix vulnerabilities in ICS/SCADA networks before transitioning to Status as Chief Security Officer. Now he works on infrastructure

  • How to Ethically Build Public Good Infrastructure
Cory Hardman
  • Web3 vs Web2 Security: Same or Different?
  • Smart Contracts at Cryptex Finance 👾
  • Devcon V Scholar ⛓️
  • Founder at Ethereum Honduras 🇭🇳
  • Collector of illiquid jpgs 🎨
  • Generative artist wanna be 👨‍🎨
  • How to Build Bigger and Stronger ETH Communities in Latam - EN ESPAÑOL
Dan Shaw

Advisor at Ethereum Foundation for Enterprise Community. Dan is an engineer who likes to work with people. An open source veteran, Dan helped bring Node.js to the Enterprise and has worked with the Node.js Foundation, LF, CNCF, OSI, and now the EEA. Dan has founded 3 tech companies:, NodeSource, and The Node Firm.

  • Ethereum Business Readiness in 2022
  • A Layer 2 Standards Working Group

Solidity Compiler Team

  • Technical Details of the Solidity Compiler
Daniel Burnett

Dr. Burnett has over two decades of experience in the authoring, editing, and chairing of over a dozen web and Internet standards, including WebRTC, Verifiable Credentials, and Decentralized Identifiers. In his current role as the Executive Director of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Dan works to increase adoption of Ethereum by the broader non-technical business community for the betterment of all.

  • Ethereum Business Readiness in 2022
  • EEA Community Projects: a Home for Open Standards Development Projects, Managed by OASIS
Daniel Perez

Software engineer with 10+ years of experience and open-source advocate with over 3,000 GitHub stars. Currently Daniel is finishing up his PhD at Imperial College London, where his research is on the security of blockchain systems and applications.
Daniel is also a co-founder at Backd and Gyroscope.

  • Security Risks in DeFi: Delineating Technical and Economic Security
Daniel Zachary Goldman

Techie @ Arbitrum

  • Understanding L2: Ordering and Execution (aka Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Sequencers But Were Afraid To Ask)
  • Building a Layer-2 NFT Bridge
Dankrad Feist

Ethereum Researcher

  • Danksharding Workshop
Danno Ferrin

Danno Ferrin is Principal Software Engineer at Hedera Hashgraph, where he spearheads the smart contract environment in the Hedera network. Previously he was Lead Protocol Engineer at ConsenSys Software Inc on their Ethereum Mainnet team, where he chose to go "full crypto" after leaving Google.

Danno is a maintainer for the Hyperledger Besu project, and sits on the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee, where he is Vice Chair.

  • What Alternative Blockchains Compatibility with Ethereum Tooling Can Teach Us About Ethereum's Future
Danny Ryan

Danny Ryan is a Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, focused on a series of core protocol upgrades aimed to make Ethereum more secure, sustainable, and scalable while retaining decentralization. He is involved with research, spec writing, client development, and general coordination around the project.

  • Opening Ceremonies
Darren Langley

Darren Langley is the General Manager of Rocket Pool. He is passionate about Ethereum and staking. He is dedicated to lowering the barriers-to-entry for Ethereum staking so that everyone can participate.

  • Promoting Small and Independent Stakers: Q&A with the Ethereum Staking Protocols
  • How to Build a Decentralized Ethereum Liquid Staking Protocol?
David Hoffman
  • Account Abstraction Panel
David Searle

Data nerd turned crypto enthusiast working at Antithesis to push the boundaries of finding bugs in distributed architectures.

  • Debugging the Ethereum Merge with Parallel Universes
David Siska

I am currently a Head of Research at Vega protocol and Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh. I've been interested in programming from an early age, oscillating between applied problems (coding) and theoretical (mathematics). At Vega I am mainly focused on whole system modelling, design validation and development of new protocol features. My maths research is on the theoretical aspects of reinforcement learning and optimal control algorithms.

  • Parameter Optimization and Emergent Behavior in DeFi: Agent Based Simulations and Reinforcement Learning
David Sneider

David Sneider is the co-founder at Lit Protocol, a network for decentralized compute, encryption, and access control.

  • Decentralized Programmable Key Pairs
David Theodore
  • Nosy Neighbor - Automated Fuzz Harness Generation for Golang Projects
  • Auditing Strategy for zkEVM
Denis Vuckovac

Born in former Yugoslavia in 1988
Left for Germany as a refugee in 1992
Finished studying Industrial Engineering in Germany in 2013
Finished a PhD in Machine Learning in 2019
Involved in Bitcoin and Ethereum since 2016, attended devcon IV in Prague in 2018
Worked as a Data Scientist until the end of 2021
Started inat scholarship in 2022 to finance and educate students in Bosnia and Hercegovina

  • Balkanize Learn2Earn - Educating & Financing the Next Batch of Web3 Developers in the Balkans

Founder @Sismo

  • ZK Badges: A new primitive for self sovereign identities
Diego Fernandez

Secretario de Innovación y Transformación Digital de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

  • How Latam cities are thinking about blockchain solutions.
  • Self-Sovereign Digital Identity
Diego Losada

Diego Losada holds a Degree in Economics and Business Administration at Universidade de A Coruña (Spain) and has over 15 years of experience in IT Consultancy. His specific expertise in the management area relies on consulting services in Linux administration.

He is the co-founder of EOA Blockchain Labs Spanish company and founder of the "Ethereum on ARM" project in late 2016.

  • Building a Post-Merge World
  • How to Run a Validator From Zero on Resource-Constrained and Low Powered Devices
Diego Mazo

Cofounder of Tropykus finance. Ethereum foundation 2x grantee with Descubriendo Blockchain educational program. Ethereum scholar in Devcon V Osaka Japan.

  • Understanding Latinamericans to Design a Local Flavour DeFi Platform

I've been working with sigp for two years and a half in networking land and very happy to join

  • Reducing Beacon Chain Bandwidth for Institutional and Home Stakers
Divyanshu Dagar
  • Education across Cultures
Dmitry Gusakov

Automation lead in Lido. Former TestOps and QA engineer.

  • Hunting and Monitoring for On-Chain Attacks
Dominic Bruetsch

Smart Contract Security
Senior Engineer at Chainsecurity (Founding Partner)

  • Thinking Like an Auditor to Develop Safer Smart Contracts
Dominic Emanuel Horn

Dominic Emanuel Horn is the Lead Product Designer (UX/UI) of Common Ground, a web3-native communication platform. Freelancing as a UX and product designer for clients such as Siemens, Mercedes, and more, he cares deeply about designing products with emotion, that look & feel great and push the boundaries of user experience forward.

  • Social Composability Design: How DAOs Can Leverage It for the Future of Work
Drew Tozer

Drew Tozer is the lead UI/UX designer at Shipyard Software. She’s based in Nova Scotia. She works on DeFi projects, such as Clipper, MIDAO, WTF Crypto, Foundation for Art and Blockchain, and Codex Protocol. Her UI/UX and Systems design work has been exhibited in Japan, Italy, and Germany. She graduated with a B.A. of Design from NSCAD University in 2020 and also studied interaction design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd. Outside of work, she’s a farmer and linocut printmaker.

  • Data + Empathy: How to Approach UX Decisions in Web3
Dror Tirosh
  • Account Abstraction: Making Accounts Smarter
E.G. Galano

Eleazar "E.G." Galano is the Co-Founder and General Manager of Infura, the pioneering and leading provider of scalable Web3 infrastructure and developer APIs. Coming from a background in blockchain infrastructure, scalable web services, and infrastructure automation, E.G. was previously the Director of Site Reliability at Los Angeles based hotel software start-up KEYPR (now Intelity), and an early employee of cloud gaming company Gaikai, which was acquired by Sony in 2012.

  • Decentralizing Infura
  • Web3 is Going Great

Host and founder of Espacio Cripto.

  • The Past, Present and Future of Web3 in LATAM
Ellie Rennie

Ellie Rennie is a Professor and ARC Future Fellow at RMIT University. Her current research uses digital ethnography to study the social outcomes arising from automation technologies, including blockchain. Prior to commencing her Future Fellowship, Ellie's research was focused on the topic of digital inclusion. She has written five books.

  • Open Problems in DAO Science Workshop
Emilie Raffo

Emilie Raffo is a founding partner and the sales director of ChainSecurity, a top-tier blockchain security company specialized in smart contract audits. ChainSecurity served many large DeFi protocols such as MakerDAO, Compound, Curve and others.

She is also a 2021 best-selling author in Switzerland. Her book "le Futur des Espèces" explains blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts to the novice, and explores how these technologies can foster innovations in monetary policy & governance.

  • 2022 statistics on MakerDAO voter delegation
Emily Lin

Truffle developer advocate out here just trying to help devs build better. Former DevOps engineer now professional nerd sniper. Let's gush about what you're building! @_emjlin

  • Build a DApp on Optimism: How to Conquer L2 Bridging
Eric Wall


  • Social Slashing
Erik Marks

Erik Marks is the Lead Engineer of MetaMask Snaps Platform. He's contributed to MetaMask and Ethereum since 2018, during which time he helped write standards like EIP-1193 and shipped features like the custom network API, MetaMask Swaps, MetaMask Flask, and now Snaps.

  • Getting Started with MetaMask Snaps
Etan Kissling


  • Light Clients After the Merge
Ethereum Foundation
  • Hold - Temporary
  • DEVA Awards
  • Closing Ceremonies featuring Kurt Opsahl
Ethereum Foundation Fellows

Fellows are leaders committed to projects that help Ethereum become a tool of and for the next billion. Some projects might be part of a lifelong quest of the Fellow; others are brand new ideas that are just getting started. Fellows and their projects focus on public goods that enable the flourishing of communities or individuals under-represented in the Ethereum ecosystem today.

  • Ethereum for the next billion: DeFi for the unbanked/underbanked
  • Ethereum for the Next Billion: Who Are Your Next Billion?
Eugene Leventhal

Eugene Leventhal is the Head of Operations and Outreach at the Smart Contract Research Forum (SCRF), which is a granted org focused on advancing web3 research. Prior to joining SCRF, Eugene worked at Carnegie Mellon University as a Project Manager, supporting a blockchain research initiative and a podcast amongst other projects.

  • Open Problems in DAO Science Workshop
Evan Miyazono

Evan Miyazono leads Network Goods at Protocol Labs, supporting differential technological development in support of human flourishing with new coordination tooling and incentive mechanisms. This includes designing and deploying mechanisms, identifying and using metascientific leverage points, building new career affordances, and developing better research practices. Prior to leading Network Goods, Evan previously led PL Research.

  • HyperCerts for Regenerative Cryptoeconomics
Evan Saulpaugh


  • headlong: A Contract ABI and RLP Library for the JVM
Evelyn Casanova

At UNICEF's Office of Innovation, I focus on partnerships and donor relations to advance the impact and advocacy efforts #ForEveryChild.

  • UNICEF CryptoFund: Exploring Blockchain and How it Could Change Futures for the Most Vulnerable
  • The Role UNICEF Plays in Encouraging the “Impact Trinity” – Real world Use-cases, Open-source Software and For-Profit Business models
Fabio Hildebrand

Dev @ RAI

  • Let's start a RAI-ot!
Fabrizio Romano Genovese

I work at the intersection of category theory, a super abstract branch of maths, and crypto: I focus on applying very general mathematical techniques to problems such as protocol design and MEV. I am interested in compositional design, correct by construction code, open games, formal verification.
I did my PhD in categorical quantum mechanics at Oxford, where I learned compositional methods, and worked for years with Statebox, developing correct-by-construction graphical programming languages.

  • Compositionality: The 10x Engineer Secret Sauce
Faina Shalts

Faina Shalts is a Lead Blockchain Engineer at ConsenSys. Since joining in 2018, she has worked on Truffle’s open source tool suite. She now leads the Layer 2/Scaling team at Truffle, seeking to make Layer 2 adoption as easy as possible for developers.

  • Major Trends in the Layer 2 Ecosystem: Where We Are and Likely Upcoming Themes
Federica Sofía Moletta

Federica Moletta is a Systems Engineering student at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is passionate about cutting-edge technologies, such as Blockchains and Zero Knowledge Proofs. She got acquainted with Cairo and ZKP by implementing a template that allows SNARKS produced by Circom to be verified by a starknet contract, creating a bridge between SNARKS and STARKS. Currently, she is working on reimplementing the Cairo VM in Rust.

  • Improving Performance of Provable Computations Using Rust
Federico Giacon

Software engineer and smart contract developer at CoW Swap (onchain token exchange: orders are collected offchain and executed in batches; focus on MEV protection). Academic background in cryptography.

  • MEV Capturing AMMs(McAMMs)
Felix Leupold

Technical Lead @MEVProtection. Multi-dimensional Batch Auctions with Uniform Clearing Prices on Ethereum. Prev. @gnosisPM, @facebook, @google. @HPI_DE Alumnus.

  • Towards Fairer DEXs on Ethereum
Florian Glatz

Trained as a lawyer and software developer with many years of experience working full-time in the blockchain space, Florian is aware of the key issues at the intersection of crypto assets and regulation.

Florian Glatz has co-founded and led the German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock) as President for its first four years. He advises political decision-makers at the German and European level on blockchain regulation.

  • The Influence of Crypto Regulation on Open Blockchains: Opportunities and Challenges
Flynn Calcutt

Interested in building virtual worlds.

  • Autonomous Worlds Self Led Session

Consensus researcher

  • Danksharding Workshop
Franco Zeoli
  • Hardhat & Nomic Foundation: the creation of an Ethereum non-profit
Franklin Delehelle

Applied cryptography researcher at ConsenSys

  • Proving EVM Bytecode Execution in the zk-EVM

- University of Hamburg

- EthAmsterdam
- Hack Money

  • MEV NFT: ERC-721 Fork for Blocking Atomic Arbitrage

building ZK rollups for games at the 0xPARC AW Residency

  • Autonomous Worlds Self Led Session
Fredrik Svantes

Security Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation

  • Ethereum Foundation's Bug Bounty Program
Gabriel Rocheleau

Smart contracts developer at Enzyme Finance and developer at the Ethereum Foundation (EthereumJS team), where my current focus is the transition from Merkle to Verkle trees.

  • Experiments with EthereumJS
Gabriela Chang

Gabriela Chang
CSO and Co-founder of EthicHub.
Builder of win/win regenerative economic models for the Unbanked farmers.

Industrial designer, artist and writer. She worked at the Secretary of Economic Development in Chiapas, Mexico and was an organic coffee producer. Involved in Blockchain since 2017, she promotes its enormous potential as a catalyst for the SDGs. Frequent speaker and panelist in both crypto and impact forums.

  • The Unbanked, A Real Blue Ocean Opportunity for Crypto
Gabriela Guerra

Founder of Bloinx, a blockchain app that manages saving circles. She has experience managing international projects and is convinced that blockchain can benefit the unbanked population.

  • Ethereum for the next billion: DeFi for the unbanked/underbanked
Gabriella Sofia

research, ethereum @chorusone

  • Spin it up - spin up your own Ethereum validator on testnet
Geoff Lamperd

Product Lead with Ethereum Foundation's Privacy and Scaling Explorations group.

  • Interep: An Identity Bridge from Web2 to Web3
Geoffrey See

Geoffrey is an Ethereum Foundation Fellow and the Co-Founder of Poko, a Y Combinator backed startup. He has extensive experience working on the public policy and regulatory side of the blockchain, as well as founding an entrepreneurial education initiative for policymakers and entrepreneurs. For his fellowship, Geoffrey will be exploring the interface between the web3 sector and policymakers, specifically how policymakers can better understand and experiment with decentralized technology.

  • Ethereum for the Next Billion: Who Are Your Next Billion?

Ethereum R&D

  • Danksharding Workshop
Georgia Rakusen

Georgia is a seasoned user researcher, and has specialised in the web3 and crypto space for the last 5 years. She works for tooling, wallets, DeFi, NFTs, DAOs and gaming clients to help them understand their users and build better products, and established The User Research DAO; a collective of UX research experts dedicated to elevating the quality and quantity of user research being conducted in the web3 space.

  • Going on Safari: Researching Users in the Metaverse
Georgios Gontikas

Product Manager at ChainSafe with focus on dApp interoperability and bridges.

  • How Bridges Improve L2 Composability
Gerben Kijne

Gerben has focussed on building digital products that solve global problems for over a decade. From designing games that reward players for saving energy to building web applications that support entrepreneurs with their administration, he currently serves as the blockchain lead for Giga at UNICEF.

  • Building blockchain products for UNICEF. How to get involved.
  • Giga: How Can Blockchain Help Connect the Next Billion
Gloria Kimbwala

Gloria is a Builder Relations expert for Gitcoin's events team where she recently lead Gitcoin’s DEI Grants round in GR14. She is passionately using technology to empower people economically and to amplify marginalized voices. She also enjoys creating and amplifying web3 ecosystems built on inclusivity and diversity. She serves as the Technical Advisor on the Board of Directors for the Black Women Blockchain Council, and runs the “Ask Gloria” advice column in Reinvented Magazine.

  • Be a Superhero! Tangible Actions to Support Diverse Builders and Show Allyship in Web3 Communities
Gonçalo Sá

Gonçalo, currently co-founder of the ConsenSys Diligence team, has 20+ years of experience in offensive security.
Notable achievements range from cracking DRM algorithms to breaching a major international consumer electronics retailer.

While studying Aerospace engineering, Gonçalo also built 3 startups (AdTech, BioTech, Mobile). Passionate about turning MVPs into production-ready products, he has also mentored a fair share of entrepreneurs in the past 5+ years.

  • Future of Smart Contract Security Audits: REKT or WAGMI?
Griff Green

Cofounder of Giveth, Commons Stack, & dappnode. Community manager for TheDAO, led the crisis response effort for TheDAO Hack and first Parity Multisig Hack from every angle, co-founder of the White Hat Group and led the creation of Token Engineering Commons. Advisor for PolygonID, PolygonHermez, brightID, Doingud, and steward for Gitcoin, ENS & Optimism.

I also lead 2 crypto focused burning man camps ;-)

  • Practical Pluralism ♻️🌱
  • The Biggest Web3 Opportunity No One is Talking About!

gubsheep is the creator of Dark Forest and runs applied ZK research and development at 0xPARC.

  • What to know about Zero Knowledge
  • Dark Forest: Lessons from 3 Years of On-Chain Gaming
  • Web3 is Going Great
  • ZK Security SLS - Opening Remarks
  • ZKPs and "Programmable Cryptography"
Guillaume Ballet

Geth team, interfacing between research and engineering. Interested in evolutions to the Ethereum protocol.

  • Stateless Ethereum: How Verkle Trees Make Ethereum Lean and Mean
  • Geth Team AMA
Guillermo Angeris
  • Cost of Feudalism: Towards a Theory of MEV
GUO Haoyun

Based in Shanghai China|ETHPlanet - Community Support Team | EDCON Team| Member of togETHer

  • Building ethereum community together in china
Gustavo Grieco
  • Building Secure Contracts: Use Echidna Like a Pro

Co-founder and dungeon designer @movingcastles_

  • Autonomous Worlds Self Led Session
Hadrien Croubois

Distributed systems Ph. D. ▪︎ Smart Contract Engineer @ OpenZeppelin ▪︎ #Ethereum Magician ▪︎ @graphprotocol advocate

  • 5 Smart Contract Patterns I Wish More Devs Would Use
  • Build Your First Contract with the Wizard of OZ
Haichen Shen
  • Auditing Strategy for zkEVM


  • Symbolic Computation for Fun and for Profit
  • The Showdown: Best Ethereum Language
Harry Kalodner

Harry Kalodner is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Offchain Labs where he leads the engineering team. Before the company he attended Princeton as a PhD candidate where his research explored economics, anonymity, and incentive compatibility of cryptocurrencies. When not up at 3:00am writing code, Harry occasionally sleeps.

  • On the Path to a Rollup-Centric Future
Hart Lambur

Hart is the Co-Founder of Risk Labs, the foundation supporting the UMA and Across protocols. UMA is an optimistic oracle (OO) that can provide and verify arbitrary data on-chain. Across is a cross-chain bridge that is secured by UMA's optimistic oracle.

Hart studied computer science before working as an interest rate trader at Goldman Sachs through the financial crisis. In 2013. He now leads a team of researchers at Risk Labs.

  • Battle of the Bridges: Untangling the Tradeoffs of Various Bridge Designs
Heidi Wilder

Heidi Wilder is a part of the Special Investigations Team at Coinbase where she gets to spend the day tracking down the latest hacks, rugs, and other nonsense on the blockchain.

Besides blockchain analysis, one of her passions is protecting people from being scammed and learning about the latest tactics used by criminals.

  • Rug Life: Using Blockchain Analytics to Detect Illicit Activity, Track Stolen Funds, and Stay Safe
Heiko Burkhardt

Heiko is an information engineering and management graduate working as a blockchain developer for 5 years.

  • dm3 - Decentralized, Secure and Open Messaging Protocol

I explain to people what StarkNet is and how they can build cool stuff on top of it

  • StarkNet 101 Workshop - Getting started with unlimited scalability
Henry de Valence

Henry de Valence is the founder of Penumbra, a fully shielded cross-chain DEX and proof-of-stake network. Previously, he worked at the Zcash Foundation building Zebra, a modular Zcash fullnode implementation, and at Chain, Inc, building ZK proof infrastructure: Bulletproofs, the Ristretto group, Merlin transcripts, and curve25519-dalek.

  • Penumbra: Building a Private DEX with ZKPs and Threshold Cryptography
Herman Obst

Herman Obst is an industrial engineer from Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been leading multiple software projects, ranging from projects in the healthcare industry, data science and blockchain. In 2021 he co-developed a tool to help Tornado Cash users maintain their privacy and for better measure the privacy provided by its anonymity pools. He also co-authored the book "Data science in Julia for Hackers".

  • Improving Performance of Provable Computations Using Rust

Hester helps projects better meet user needs. Between 2018 and 2022 she worked as core contributor to, helping design and ship a privacy first messenger, wallet and dapp browser. Soon to be your Web3 Discord alternative. She's the founder and boardmember of Web3 Creatives. A foundation that connects and enables creatives in Web3. Offscript and Web3UX panel are key initiatives.

She has a background and 12 years of experience in Psychology and User-System Interaction Design.

  • Participant Experience Design
Hsiao-Wei Wang

Ethereum Foundation - Consensus R&D Team

  • How to use Executable Consensus Pyspec
  • Danksharding Workshop
Hudson Jameson

Hudson is a long time Ethereum contributor having previously worked in the Ethereum Foundation for 5 years on numerous efforts including protocol dev coordination, specifications, and co-running Devcon2-4. He co-founded the Ethereum educational and coordination group Ethereum Cat Herders. He has 3 cats and 5 chickens and lives in Texas with his spouse.

  • Mental Health and Avoiding Burnout in Your Crypto Gig
Ian Brighton
  • Solidity Dev to ZK Dev: Why and How You Should Start ZK Dev Now
Ian Miers

Ian Miers is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland. His research focuses on solving real world security issues using cryptography. He is one of the cofounders of Aleo, Bolt Labs, and Zcash, startups commercializing his work on privacy preserving payments and smart contracts. His work has been featured in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Wired, and The Economist. It has also been denounced in at least two op-eds.

  • Scalability is Boring, Privacy is Dead: ZK-Proofs, What are They Good for?
Ignasi Ramos

Blockchain Engineer at Polygon-Hermez

  • zkEVM Vs EVM: Full Equivalence?
Igor Yalovoy

Igor Yalovoy is cofounder and CTO at fintech startup Babylon Finance. Babylon Finance has grown from zero to 30 million dollars in assets under management in less than a year. Previously, he was the core developer at OpenZeppelin securing billions of dollars in funds for leading crypto organizations including Coinbase, Ethereum Foundation, Compound, Aave, TheGraph.

  • Unlimited Size Contracts Using Solidity
Ioannis Sachinoglou

Senior Blockchain Security Engineer at ChainSecurity. Particularly interested in software verification and static analysis. MSc in Computer Science from ETH Zurich.

  • Read-only Reentrancy - a Novel Vulnerability class responsible for 100m+ funds at risk
Irais Reyes

Diputada del H. Congreso del Estado de Nuevo León, Monterrey

  • How Latam cities are thinking about blockchain solutions.
Isaac Patka

Isaac Patka is a developer and founder in the DAO space. He is a core developer in the Moloch Mystics building Moloch v3, and a member of DAOHaus where he built DAO composability tooling to enable Moloch v2 DAOs to directly control Gnosis Safes through Zodiac modules. He is the co-creator of Logos, a framework-agnostic DAO furthering the adoption of Web3 governance in IRL communities.

  • Exploiting Inattention & Optimism in DAOs
  • Crypt-Keeper ZK Identity Wallet
Itamar Lesuisse

Itamar is co-founder & CEO of Argent, the first smart wallet for crypto, backed by Paradigm. He previously founded and led Peak, the leading mobile brain training platform. It grew to 60 million users and was acquired by Lagardere in 2016. Prior to Peak, Itamar worked at Amazon and VISA and BCG. While at Visa, Itamar authored four payment-related patents and managed the development of, Visa's new ePayment solution. At Amazon, Itamar launched new product lines. He holds a Masters in CS.

  • Why Account Abstraction is a Game-Changer for Dapps
Ivo Georgiev

I've been coding since 10yo, in that time I've went through multiple things: I started with game dev, then switched to systems: I made my own Linux distribution at the age of 15, focused on improving the Linux UX: it peaked at p9 on distrowatch.

I cofounded a media center that grew to >25m users (Stremio)

More recently I've taken on a quest to combine all my skills, namely UX, security and smart contracts, to push the crypto UX forward in the form of a next-gen smart wallet,

  • The Future of Wallets: MPC vs Smart Wallets

IX Shells (Itzel Yard) is a self-taught coder from Panama City with a glitchy and architectural generative style that has garnered acclaim both within and beyond the crypto ecosystem. She has been featured in several high profile auctions and exhibitions in the traditional art world, as well as created a piece for the Tor Project

  • Livecoding Performance
  • Livecoding Performance
  • Livecoding Performance
Jack Gilcrest
  • Solidity Dev to ZK Dev: Why and How You Should Start ZK Dev Now
Jackson Blazensky

I studied mathematics and computer science at the University of California Santa Barbara. From then until now I have worked on applied cryptography in the blockchain context. I lead applied cryptography at Edge & Node and the SnarkForce, where we apply bleeding edge cryptography including SNARKs to The Graph Network.

  • A SNARKs Tale: A Story of Building SNARK Solutions on Mainnet
Jacob Caban-Tomski

Developer on BLS Wallet project at Privacy & Scaling Explorations. Passionate about developing solutions to scale the Ethereum ecosystem to the rest of the world through rollups & L2s. When I'm not coding you'll find me eating spicy noodles, jamming out to EDM, or on a bike.

  • Onboard The World Into Your Rollup dApp with BLS Wallet
Jacob Willemsma

Jacob is VP of Partnerships at ETHGlobal and has been part of the ETHGlobal team since before there was an ETHGlobal!

  • Web3 is Going Great
Jaime Pumarejo

Alcalde de Barranquilla

  • How Latam cities are thinking about blockchain solutions.
James Beck

James Beck is the Director of Content and Communications at ConsenSys, where he has spent the last 5 years telling the story of Ethereum to journalists and individuals around the world. Prior to ConsenSys, James worked in public affairs and led US politicians and journalists on delegations to China to improve understanding between the two countries. James is an enthusiastic member of the queer underground NYC dance scene, and also is a volunteer street tree steward in NYC.

  • Ethereum Won’t Be The Money Layer of the Internet if People Think It’s an Earth-Destroying Scam: Four Ways to Change the Narrative
Jan Beneš

Solidity developer at Aztec

  • A new DeFi Primitive - Private Trading with Aztec Connect
Jan Gorzny

I'm the Head of L2 Scaling at Quantstamp. I have been interested in scaling solutions since Lightning was discussed and the Plasma white paper was written. I'm particularly interested in making sure these systems are as secure as they are scalable, and I have looked over several such systems during my time at Quantstamp. I also have a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, where I studied graph algorithms. Other research interests include formal methods and complexity theory.

  • An Overview and Wishlist for Rollup Escape Hatches
Janmajaya Mall
  • Maze - Aggregation Tool for Circom-PLONK Proofs
Jannik Luhn


  • Shielded Voting Using Threshold Encryption
Jason Morton

ZKonduit & 0xPARC

  • Proving System Challenges from ZKML
  • Zero-Knowledge Machine Learning
  • Benchmarks for Formal Verification
Jennifer Parak

👩‍💻 Software Enginer at Chorus One

📚 Zero Knowledge Programming

🔥 Diversity, Privacy, Decentralisation

@jenpaff on Twitter

  • Spin it up - spin up your own Ethereum validator on testnet
Jesus Ligero

I'm currently working on Polygon hermez in the protocol team.
Basically I develop smart contracts and use zero knowledge languages like Circom or zkasm.

  • Introduction to Circom2.0
Joe Andrews

Cofounder @ aztec

  • New Paradigms by Non EVM Compatible L2s!
  • A new DeFi Primitive - Private Trading with Aztec Connect
John Adler

Co-founder of Celestia Labs and Fuel Labs. Creator of optimistic rollups. Blockchain skeptic and Twitter troll.

  • Fuel: Scaling Ethereum with the Fastest Modular Execution Layer
John Kane

Programmer and team lead at the Nomic Foundation.

  • Better Solidity Support in VSCode by Hardhat
Johns Gresham

Working on NiceNode

  • Why and How to Run a Node! (No ETH Required)
Jolene Dunne

Researcher @ Flashbots

  • Evaluating the PBS Experiment: Early insights from MEV-Boost and the Builder Market
Jon Stephens

I am a current PhD student at UT Austin as well as the CTO and a co-founder of Veridise. My work focuses on developing automated techniques to verify and identify bugs in various locations in the blockchain stack.

  • Are Your Zero-Knowledge Proofs Correct?
  • Finding bugs in ZK Circuits: An Exploration of Veridise Tools
Jonathan Alexander

Jonathan Alexander is CTO of OpenZeppelin and co-founder of Forta. He leads the global development team at OpenZeppelin that works on OpenZeppelin Contracts, Wizard, Defender, and Forta. Formerly he was CTO at Tricentis and Vonage Business. When not working on software he likes spending time with his family, reading, tennis, and mountain hiking.

  • Decentralized Threat Detection Bots
  • Future of Smart Contract Security Audits: REKT or WAGMI?
Jordan Sutcliffe

BizDev Lead at StakeWise

  • Promoting Small and Independent Stakers: Q&A with the Ethereum Staking Protocols
Jordi Baylina

Jordi Baylina Technical Lead
Jordi is one of the strongest Ethereum developers in the world and a high impact contributor in the Ethereum community. He leads the technical development of the Polygon Hermez zkRollup and is currently working on the implementation of the zkEVM.
He is the co-founder of the White Hat Group, which played a major role in rescuing funds from TheDAO and Parity Multisig hacks. He’s the author of the MiniMe token contract, the elliptic curves Solidity library, as well as

  • Next-Generation DSLs and IRs
  • STARKs in SNARKs
  • Auditing Strategy for zkEVM
  • Technical Details of the Opcode Compatible zkEVM
Jorge Arce-Garro

I am a blockchain and cryptography researcher from Costa Rica, currently working at Nethermind. I look into all kinds of tools related to Ethereum scalability questions, such as layer 2s, liquid staking, and zero-knowledge proofs. Besides Ethereum, I am working on a PhD in mathematical physics at the University of Michigan. In my free time I enjoy memes and dancing.

  • Shamir Secret Sharing with No ID Numbers!
Josef J

Josef is an active member of Parallel Polis, the base of the Prague cypherpunk community and the HQ of the Institute of Cryptoanarchy. At the IoC he is occasionally organinzing Ethereum meetups (since 2016). He is also the founder and maintainer of the local nonconformist hackerspace Bordel.

  • Asset Rights Abstractions - a Case for Smart Contract Wallets
Josh Stark

Josh Stark works for Ethereum at the Ethereum Foundation.

  • Making Sense of the Ethereum Foundation
Joshua Riley

I am a self-taught software engineer working to improve decentralized technology at the lowest levels!

  • Demystifying Ethereum Assembly
Joshua Tan

Executive director of Metagov, mathematician and computer scientist at Oxford and Stanford. See

  • Open Problems in DAO Science Workshop
Josselin Feist

Josselin Feist is a principal security engineer at Trail of Bits where he leads the blockchain team, participates in security assessments, and designs automated bug-finding tools for smart contracts. He holds a Ph.D. in static analysis and symbolic execution and regularly speaks at both academic and industrial conferences. He is the author of various security tools, including Slither - a static analyzer for Ethereum smart contracts and Tealer - a static analyzer for Algorand contracts.

  • Building Secure Contracts: Use Echidna Like a Pro

After scaling fintech startups for several years in Product and Sales Operations, Juan discovered DeFi through a beautiful accident. He has ever since been involved in scaling DAOs through governance design, improving frameworks, and connecting great teams together.

Juan is also a proud dad.

  • Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling: How Do We Fund Community And Ecosystem Growth
Juan David Reyes

Leader of EthColombia and Community Supporter at Devcon.

  • How to Build Bigger and Stronger ETH Communities in Latam - EN ESPAÑOL
  • Ethereum Event Showcase
Julia Hardy

Julia Hardy is an investigator at Chainalysis specializing in DeFi and web3 investigations. In the past year, Julia has investigated over 20 hacks, tracking the movements of over $12 billion USD worth of stolen funds.

  • The $10B Problem - web3 Security Against Coordinated Adversaries
Julian Ma
  • ELI5: Cryptoeconomics
Julian Traversa

Founder @ Swivel

DeFi @ Gitcoin Kernel & Steward @ Gitcoin DAO

MOBA Degenerate, Contributor/Author of EIP-4626, EIP-5095

  • Amplifying Consensus Participation with Blockspace Markets
Julien Niset

Julien is co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of Argent. He holds a PhD in Physics with a focus on Quantum Information and Quantum Cryptography. Julien is the author of three patents: for quantum random number generation, distribution and use in novel cryptographic schemes. He previously founded a startup working on Ultra-Fast Quantum Random Number Generators, then worked in the security in IoT.

  • Why Account Abstraction is a Game-Changer for Dapps
  • Account Abstraction Panel
Justin Drake

Ethereum researcher

  • Ultra Sound Money
Justin Glibert

cyberspace vintner and digital physicist.

  • An Evening in the Dark Forest
  • MUD: an Engine for On-chain Games
  • 0xPARC Autonomous Worlds Arcade
  • Autonomous Worlds Self Led Session
Justin Holmes

International touring musician; blockchain bluegrass and video game traditionals.

  • The Coordination Song 🌎✨🎵
Justina Petraityte

Justina is Developer Success Lead at 3Box Labs where she focuses on improving the developer experience when building applications on the Ceramic network. Prior to joining 3Box Labs team, she has been working in the Developer Relations space, focused on data science and machine learning, for over 4 years helping open source projects to build successful developer products and vibrant communities around them.

  • Sign in With Ethereum: the Most Powerful Protocol in #Web3?
Justyna Broniszewska

Justyna Broniszewska is a Lead Blockchain Engineer at TrueFi Engineering, the core team building TrueFi lending protocol and working on a set of public goods applications including UseDapp, Waffle & Mars. Justyna was a mentor and speaker at ETHDenver, ETHAmsterdam, Devconnect. An active member of ETHWarsaw Web3 community.

  • How to Build a Multilayer DApp in Less Than 30 Minutes?

Main Developer of the project
Ethereum Foundation

  • Human-Friendly Contract Interactions
Karl Floersch

Ethereum optimist. Worked at the Ethereum Foundation on PoS & Eth2, then co-founded Plasma Group & Optimism to build Ethereum L2 technology which funds public goods. Currently optimistically scaling Ethereum and making impact=profit.

  • Practical Pluralism ♻️🌱
  • Optimism’s OP Stack

Kaushal is a contributor at Status Network and focuses on ecosystem development for the Nimbus Client. He works with staking services, staking infrastructure operators, liquid staking protocols, solo staking community members and centralized exchanges to promote use of minority clients and improve client diversity in the network. In this capacity, he has gained deep insights about the motivations and challenges of various personas in the validator ecosystem.

  • Validating Made Light and Simple
Kelvin Fichter

Building the Optimism Collective

  • MUD: an Engine for On-chain Games
  • Modular Rollup Theory Through the Lens of the OP Stack
Ken Smith

Ken Smith is the founder of NextBlock Solutions, a blockchain consulting company that provides training and educational services to web3 organizations. Ken is an Ethereum node operator using the RocketPool protocol and a member of the Node Operators Association (@NodeOperators) and has been active in the Ethereum and other blockchain communities since 2014.

  • Promoting Small and Independent Stakers: Q&A with the Ethereum Staking Protocols
  • Does it Make Sense to Aggregate and Average feeReceipent Rewards Using a Smoothing Pool?
  • Next-Generation DSLs and IRs
Kevin Jones

Developer Advocate @ Scaffold-ETH 🏗️
BUIDLer @ BuidlGuidl 🏰️
Photographer and Filmmaker | @kevinjonescreates 📸

  • Intro to Scaffold-ETH
Kevin Owocki

Kevin Owocki is the founder of — Where builders & funders come together to build the open web. Gitcoin has delivered $60mm worth of value to OSS devs in the last several years. He has a BS in Computer Science, 15 years of engineering leadership experience in Open Source Software and Web Startups. Kevin is a community organizer in the Boulder Colorado Tech Scene.

  • 1 Human 1 Vote Money Legos 🔜 More Democratic DAOs 🧱🤝✨
  • Practical Pluralism ♻️🌱
  • Ethereum is Solarpunk ☀️
  • The Coordination Song 🌎✨🎵
Klaus Kursawe

Klaus has first started working on Byzantine Consensus during his PhD in 1998, where he build a fully asynchronous consensus layer. He then explored and published in other areas of digital security including secure hardware, privacy preserving technologies, and security for critical infrastructures, before returning to further work on Byzantine fault tolerance. He currently works for Vega protocol.

  • Beyond Stake: Implementing Diversity Policies on PoS
Konstantinos Paparas

Open-source software developer

  • Rotki: Why it’s Open Source and Local-First and Why Should You Care?
Kris Kaczor
  • Building a Post-Merge World

kumavis founded MetaMask and now leads their Security Research team. Contributor to MetaMask, LavaMoat, Endo, SES, Ethereumjs, js-libp2p.

  • The Attacker is Inside: Javascript Supplychain Security and LavaMoat
Kurt Opsahl

Kurt Opsahl is the Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. In addition to representing clients on civil liberties, free speech and privacy law, Opsahl counsels on EFF projects and initiatives, and is the lead attorney on the Coders' Rights Project. Before joining EFF, Opsahl worked at Perkins Coie, where he represented technology clients with respect to intellectual property, privacy, defamation, and other online liability matters. Prior to Perkins, O

  • Closing Ceremonies featuring Kurt Opsahl
Kyle Charbonnet

Software Security Engineer at the Privacy & Scaling Explorations Team

  • Zk Bug Tracker
  • Towards a Feature-Complete and Backwards-Compatible Privacy Layer for Ethereum
Lakshman Sankar

Previous Ethereum Foundation Research. Now working on new primitives for identity at Personae Labs and 0xPARC.

  • ZK Application Design Patterns
Lane Rettig

Lane Rettig is a writer, hacker, entrepreneur, and investor deeply fascinated by the intersection of technological and social systems, and committed to architecting and building human-centric software. He's been working full time on blockchain R&D since 2017. He was formerly an Ethereum core developer, and now focuses his efforts on Spacemesh, a a next-generation smart contract platform based on a novel consensus mechanism.

  • Notable security incidents since Devcon V
Lang Cui

Venture Investor at Struck Crypto | Angel Investor | Startup Advisor | Kellogg MBA

  • Sign in With Ethereum: the Most Powerful Protocol in #Web3?
Layne Haber

Layne is Cofounder and Research Lead at Connext which creates interoperability technology. She has been building infrastructure for Ethereum since 2017, and before that worked in digital health.

  • Crosschain Security Considerations for the Degen in All of Us
Lefteris Karapetsas

ethereum developer since 2014! Contributed to solidity compiler and c++ ethereum.
Built the DAO, saw it get destroyed, then hacked it back to save whatever we could both in ETH and ETC.
Development lead for the Raiden network.
Founder of rotki.

I like birding :D

  • Understanding Transactions in EVM-Compatible Blockchains Powered by Opensource
Lenka Hudakova (Lenkla)

Project lead for initiatives tackled by the Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling team at MakerDAO (X-Ray, Transparency Dashboard, etc.).
Previously community lead & global events manager at the Maker Foundation.
Actively onboarding more newbies into crypto (CryptoWomen, ETH/Web3 CPH meetup, event speaking). Supporting DAOs contributors' experience & exploring the field of decentralized HR practices together with People Ops Guild peers & Groundw3rk DAO operators.

  • Buidl the Buidlers: How You Can Create the Next Generation of Web3 Contributors through Education, Peer Review, and Professional Development
Leo Alt

Leo is the Formal Verification Lead at the Ethereum Foundation where he also contributes to the Solidity language and compiler.

  • The Showdown: Best Ethereum Language
  • Building an End-to-End EVM Symbolic Execution Engine in Solidity
Leonard Tan

CTO of Web3Auth (fka. Torus)

  • Time-locked Recovery Factors for Secret Sharing

Commercial lead at Asphodel. Working on economic design and mechanisms for Autonomous Worlds.

  • Autonomous Worlds Self Led Session
Lewis Gudgeon

Lewis is a Computer Science PhD candidate at Imperial College London, publishing mainly on DeFi risks. Prior to this he worked as an economics consultant. He holds an MPhil in Economics Research from the University of Cambridge and a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Warwick University.

  • Security Risks in DeFi: Delineating Technical and Economic Security

Member of the go-ethereum team. Maintains several specifications, including ethereum/execution-apis. Co-author of EIP-3074.

  • Geth Team AMA
  • Account Abstraction Panel
  • ELI5: Account Abstraction
  • Account Abstraction: Making Accounts Smarter
Loie Taylor

Loie is a facilitator, nurturer, and organizer. In her role as a People Operations lead, she likes to weave workplaces full of compassion and growth. With over 4 years hacking "decentralized HR" in crypto projects, she's deep in the future of work that web3 is birthing. Her roots are in Restorative Justice & activist communities, and she's branched out to start the People Ops Guild & open source the learnings on decentralized people-management that this space has uncovered.

  • Buidl the Buidlers: How You Can Create the Next Generation of Web3 Contributors through Education, Peer Review, and Professional Development
Lorenz Breidenbach

Lorenz Breidenbach is the Head of R&D at Chainlink Labs. He is a security researcher and former BRIDGE fellow from ETH Zürich and IC3. He's been working on Ethereum-adjacent research since 2017 on projects such as Flashboys 2.0, libsubmarine,, and "Enter the Hydra".

  • Improving Oracle Infrastructure on Ethereum
Louis Guthmann
  • New Paradigms by Non EVM Compatible L2s!
  • Next-Generation DSLs and IRs
Luc Lamarche

Ethereum Ecosystem Support Program

  • Ecosystem Support Program
Lucas Vella


  • Solving Polynomial Equation Systems over Large Prime Fields: a Review
Luis Bezzenberger

Luis has a background in finance and works in the Ethereum space since 2015, mainly as a product manager on protocol-level infrastructure and payment systems. Since 2021 he's the product manager at Shutter Network which is an open source project that uses threshold encryption to combat MEV and malicious front-running, as well as voter misbehavior in governance systems.

  • Shielded Voting Using Threshold Encryption
Luis Carlos

Luis Carlos holds a B.A. in Economics and History from Florida International University (2005), with Magna Cum Laude distinction. Master in Economics and Ph.D in Economics from Michigan State University. Professor and researcher, co-founder and first director of the Fiscal Observatory of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. He has also served as an economist for the FCC during the Obama administration. He was appointed as the director general of DIAN by President Gustavo Petro on July 11,2022

  • Taxing Crypto in Colombia
  • Education across Cultures
Luka Kropec

I work on the Translation Program at and ecosystem development at the Ethereum Foundation.

  • Growing the Global Ethereum Community Through Localization
Madison Adams


  • What Can DAOs Learn From
Maggie Love

Maggie Love is Co-founder and Director of Business Development at W3BCLOUD, a is leading compute and storage infrastructure provider powering web 3 protocols.

Maggie is the Founder of SheFi, which empowers women and non-binary folks to take ownership of their financial freedom through crypto education, experimentation, investing and community. To date, she has onboarded over a 700+ people to web 3.

  • Launch Your Own Validator Node
Mahsa Moosavi

Mahsa is currently a part-time software engineer at Offchain Labs. She is also completing her doctoral studies at Concordia University, Canada. She mostly does research on blockchain technologies, decentralized finance, and Ethereum scaling solutions.

  • Fast and Furious Withdrawals from Optimistic Rollups
Makoto Inoue

Makoto Inoue is one of the core developers at Ethereum Name Service which provides NFT compliant naming service to various blockchain addresses and decentralised file systems. He is also co-founder of Ethereum based event service called Kickback and hosts events such as London Ethereum Codeup where a group of developers examine the latest smart contracts

  • ENS Cross Chain Integration Strategy
  • Parameter Optimization and Emergent Behavior in DeFi: Agent Based Simulations and Reinforcement Learning
Marc Garreau

Developer at the EF since 2017 working on the Mist Browser, Grid, and now the Python team maintaining and creating educational resources.

  • Little-known
Marcello Bardus
  • Herodotus Workshop
Marcus AM

Marcus is exploring how DeFi can be used to reduce barriers to enhanced livelihoods in disenfranchised communities in Guatemala. His research focuses on how we can leverage web3 as a tool to unlock value for communities that are systematically marginalized throughout Guatemala. Marcus is conducting with a variety of stakeholders ranging from rural communities through to leading DeFi protocols and dApps in order to uncover the missing infrastructure to enable more equitable futures for all.

  • Ethereum for the next billion: DeFi for the unbanked/underbanked
Marina Markezic

Marina is the co-founder of EUCI, which aims to propel EU regulation to become Defi-friendly. Since 2017 Marina has been advising crypto projects on governance and legal matters with a focus on decentralization, DeFi and NFTs. She previously led the advisory team of blockchain accelerator and co-founded a crowdinvesting platform.

  • The Influence of Crypto Regulation on Open Blockchains: Opportunities and Challenges
Mario Havel

Protocol supporter and researcher working within Ethereum Foundation, co-founder of Bordel Hackerspace. Mario have been building and educating local communities in Bratislava, Prague and Barcelona, inspired many people to live crypto native and contribute to FOSS ecosystems.

  • Building Parallel Economy Using Ethereum
Marius van der Wijden

Marius joined the Ethereum Foundation in 2020 to work on go-ethereum. He's interested in fuzzing, testing and shipping The Merge. He wrote his master thesis on differential fuzzing of EVMs where he found 3 critical consensus issues.

  • Killing ETH - Finding Consensus Issues on Layer 1
  • Geth Team AMA
Martin Derka

Martin is a Senior Research Engineer and the Head of New Initiatives at Quantstamp. He enjoys getting his hands dirty with clients in order to help them solve hard problems, such as mitigating economic manipulations in DeFi. Martin holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. Before Quantstamp, Martin was a startup CTO, software engineer in a big-tech company, and an academic research in graph theory and computational geometry.

  • The Blockchain Bridge That You Dream About
Martin Triay

Marto has been working at OpenZeppelin before it was cool. He currently leads the OpenZeppelin Contracts for Cairo project.

  • Account Abstraction on StarkNet
Mary P. Davies

Mary P. Davies is the founder of the Perpetuity Foundation. She is a legal technologist and researcher based in the Cayman Islands. Her research focus is perpetuity, in the context of what makes projects and ecosystems last. Mary’s Ethereum Fellowship research project, the Digital Asset Perpetuity Project, is focused on harmonizing Ethereum with the law, specifically the requirements of property law, and will answer the question “What happens to your Eth when you die?”

  • Ethereum for the Next Billion: Who Are Your Next Billion?
Matt Deible

Coming from a background in artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning, Matt now leads development of the order routing algorithm and smart contracts for

  • An Overview of AMM Mechanisms
Matt Pearring

Matt leads Product Management at Arbitrum. Originally from the Big Island of Hawaii, he enjoys music, video games, and the daily coffee ritual.

  • Ups and Downs: Onboarding a Million Users to Layer-2
matt shams

Ethereum Proof of stake Fanboy

  • Under 2 Min - Become an Ethereum Staker and Set Up Node
Mattias Lightstone

Software Engineer at Component Fi

  • Using The Graph and Dune to Power on Chain Actions

Security at Optimism.
Previously co-founder of ConsenSys Diligence.

  • Future of Smart Contract Security Audits: REKT or WAGMI?
Mauricio Tovar

Co-Founder at, CEO at TRU. Co-director of the InTIColombia research group at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Leader of the Colombia node for the Iberoamerican Blockchain Alliance. Electronic Engineer from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Master's Degree in Creation of Innovative and Tech Based Companies from the Universidad de Barcelona

  • How Latam cities are thinking about blockchain solutions.
Mauricio Tovar (Moderator)
  • Web3 is Going Great
Max Semenchuk

Deputy Head Of The Virtual Assets Project Office Ministry Of The Digital Transformation Of Ukraine, Board Member Trusted Seed Association.
Max shares the ideas of Decentralization, Lean/Agile, Teal Culture, DAO, Lean Startup and Community Leadership. More at

  • Web3 in the Ukraine government: integration & impact
Maxim Vezenov

Software Engineer / Language Designer at Aztec Network on the Noir team

  • Private Value Transfer in 10 Lines
Mehdi Zerouali

Mehdi Zerouali is a co-founder and Director of Sigma Prime, a leading Sydney-based blockchain security company. Mehdi has been in the information security industry for 10 years and has performed hundreds of security assessments targeting critical infrastructure. With Sigma Prime, Mehdi applies his skills to the Blockchain space, helping prominent projects secure their decentralised protocols.

  • Future of Smart Contract Security Audits: REKT or WAGMI?
Melanie Davis

Melanie leads the Contributor Experience at DXdao. She has over 8 years of professional experience in People Operations and transforming communities through strategic innovation. As a passionate Web3 and DAO contributor, she constantly pushes the boundaries of traditional Human Resources to help her build a resilient and scalable decentralized ecosystem at DXdao.

  • Buidl the Buidlers: How You Can Create the Next Generation of Web3 Contributors through Education, Peer Review, and Professional Development
Michael Chu
  • Benchmarks for Formal Verification
Michal Zajac

Head of Cryptography Research at Nethermind. Enthusiast and researcher of zero-knowledge proof systems focused on their security and efficiency.

  • Vampire, a Novel, Cheap to Verify, zkSNARK
Michał Sieczkowski

I'm an engineer passionate about blockchains and decentralised systems. I've been building in the web3 space since 2018. Hit me up if you'd like to talk about Rollups, L2s or Ethereum scaling in general.

  • How to Build a Multilayer DApp in Less Than 30 Minutes?
Mihajlo Atanackovic

Mihajlo is leading the digital transformation journey of one of the world's biggest non-formal educational youth movements - the World Organization of the Scout Movement, with 57+ million members from around the globe.

To get the Scout Movement ready for W3, he is embarking on an ambitious project involving digitalising badges, exploring DAOs for different levels of the Movement and more.

  • Ethereum for the Next Billion: Who Are Your Next Billion?
Mike Connor

Mike Connor is an applied cryptographer at Aztec Network, the privacy layer for web3. He's focussed on designing the L2 architecture for fully programmable and composable private smart contracts.
For the last 4 years he's been designing and building tools for private smart contracts on Ethereum.
Before then, he was doing something to do with actuarial modelling.

  • Public-Private Composability
Mike Leach

Mike is an entrepreneur with a software engineering and business background. In 2019, he founded Bamboo Financial Technologies to provide Ethereum-based investment products, and in 2022 he co-founded the Node Operator Association, an industry group aiming to improve the health of the Ethereum network by promoting decentralization in the burgeoning professional staking industry.

  • Promoting Small and Independent Stakers: Q&A with the Ethereum Staking Protocols
Milos Novitovic

For the last three years since I joined the Web3 industry, I mainly worked as a product manager, discovering, shaping, and developing different Web3 projects.
For the last year and a half, I joined our R&D department and focused on generating and validating early-stage ideas while focusing on cutting-edge technology.
I worked and shaped most of the 3327 experiment ( and worked on MVPW’s products (

  • How to Stay Up To Date With Web3 Technologies
Moritz Stellmacher

After school (2009), Moritz joined two friends to help them grow their backyard magazine proud into a national marketing and event agency as the creative director.

In 2014 Moritz co-founded abend, a tech company with the mission to democratize marketing, and served as the CEO of Abend to over 3000 clients.

In 2013 Moritz started investing in and advocating Bitcoin. Since 2017 he fully focused on blockchain adoption, co-funding the peer-to-peer blockchain developer education platform.

  • Remix intro workshop - EN ESPAÑOL
Mudit Gupta

Mudit is the Chief Information Security Officer at Polygon. He's a security researcher by the day and an ethereum developer by the night.

  • Web3 vs Web2 Security: Same or Different?


  • Asset Rights Abstractions - a Case for Smart Contract Wallets
Nalin Bhardwaj
  • Recursive ZK Applications and Affordances

Naroa Zurutuza leads the Mapping and Tech work for Giga, UNICEF. Prior to joining UNICEF, she lived and worked in various companies in Kenya; from a startup that is trying to change the way the world understands agriculture to a non-profit empowering local entrepreneurs through access to finance. Naroa holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a MS in Telecommunications Engineering from EHU-UPV.

  • Building blockchain products for UNICEF. How to get involved.
  • Giga: How Can Blockchain Help Connect the Next Billion
Nassim Eddequiouaq
  • Web3 vs Web2 Security: Same or Different?

Full-stack developer and technology researcher. JS Security Engineer at MetaMask working on LavaMoat and Endo. Started using Node.js at v0.8 and never stopped. Enjoys innovating and teaching security, diagnostics and maintainability. One of the oldest members of meet.js Poland community - both as a speaker and organizer.

  • The Attacker is Inside: Javascript Supplychain Security and LavaMoat
Nick Dodson

Building the fastest modular execution layer

Builder of the only* optimistic rollup on Eth.

The autonomous future is here.

Prev. #16 @ ConsenSys

  • New Paradigms by Non EVM Compatible L2s!
Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson is the founder and lead developer of the Ethereum Name Service. Prior to launching ENS, he worked at the Ethereum Foundation, where he acted as core developer on go-ethereum.

  • State of the ENS
  • Sign in With Ethereum: the Most Powerful Protocol in #Web3?
Nick Selby
  • Future of Smart Contract Security Audits: REKT or WAGMI?
Nithin Eappen
  • Securing Cross-chain Communication
  • Building a Post-Merge World

Norswap works for Optimism where he does research & development. He used to work on and teach about compilers. On his spare time he likes to lift weights, watch anime, and research DeFi protocols.

  • Rollups, Shards & Fractals: The Dream of Atomically Composable Horizontal Scaling

Protocol engineer in Nomad. Used to work as a protocol consultant in the web3 space, and in a previous life, he worked in web2 in the area of DevOps and IoT.

  • Lessons from the Nomad Hack
Oisín Kyne

Co-founder of Obol Labs and building Distributed Validator Technology for Ethereum.

  • "It's 10pm, do you know where your mnemonic is?"
  • Promoting Small and Independent Stakers: Q&A with the Ethereum Staking Protocols
  • How to Design DVT While Ensuring Non-Correlation
Oliver JL Renwick

Oliver is a terminologist, SBC enthusiast, and translator. He currently lives near Cleveland, Ohio, USA, with his wife and two kids. He works at ConsenSys, creating and maintaining support documentation for MetaMask, Infura, and other products, and in general, tries to explain the madness of web3 to those who want to know more. He speaks Spanish and English fluently, and can get himself into trouble in Italian, Arabic, Catalan and French.

  • Positive Framing and Communication for Web3
Olivier Bégassat

I work in R&D at ConsenSys. My research focus in on delivering the zk-evm.

  • Proving EVM Bytecode Execution in the zk-EVM
Omar Espejel

Machine Learning engineer turned StarkNet Developer Advocate. Leader of the Spanish and Portuguese StarkNet communities. Previously worked at Hugging Face, the powerhouse of open-source AI.

  • StarkNet 101 Workshop - Getting started with unlimited scalability
Omar Mezenner
  • Autonomous Worlds Self Led Session
Oskar Thorén

Oskar Thorén is the Director of Research at Vac, an R&D org building public good protocols for the decentralized web, with a focus on privacy and communication. Before that he was Head of Engineering at Status, a mobile Ethereum client. He also organizes the Papers We Love meetup in Taipei.

Vac website:

  • Building Privacy-Protecting Infrastructure
  • Using ZKP for better p2p messaging with Waku
Pablo Larguia

Co-Founder & CEO SenseiNode, the first node and staking as a service provider in Latin America.
Singularity University GSP14 Alumni, NASA campus in Mountain View CA. Founder of Red Innova
the largest community on innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in Latin America. Founder of Bumeran, biggest online recruitment company in the region.
Board Member Universidad Di Tella, Argentina.

  • Client Diversity Matters: Thinking Independently, Together
Pablo Voorvaart

Freelance software engineer, supporting the decentralized future.
Currently building open source web3 video tools: streameth | LiveNFTs

  • Streameth: Decentralized Video CMS
Parithosh Jayanthi

I am an Ethereum enthusiast with a deep love for all things servers. I incorporated Ethereum into my Master’s thesis and loved the experience so much as to make it my full time job. I currently work in the DevOps team of the Ethereum Foundation and I mainly focus on the Ethereum Merge.

I’m also an avid photographer with a specific interest in Landscape and Travel photography. I’m a casual game

  • Quest for the Best Tests, a Retrospective on #TestingTheMerge
Patrick McCorry

Patrick has spent most of his adult life working on cryptocurrencies and his time was split across academic research and industry. Over the years, he has worked on transaction delivery, layer-2 protocols, atomic swaps, consensus protocols, and applied cryptography. Before Infura, he was an Assistant Professor at King’s College London and an accomplished researcher at UCL, UIUC and NCL.

  • A Better Mental Model for Rollups, Plasma, and Validating Bridges
  • ELI5: Scaling Ethereum
Patrick Pfeiffer

Working at Bitfly, making beaconchain more accessible

  • Run Your Own
Paul Brody

Paul Brody is the global blockchain leader at EY (Ernst & Young). For the last seven years, he has championed the use of public blockchains and open systems for enterprise users and the need for privacy. EY is the only major professional services company focused on the Ethereum ecosystem and committed to public blockchains.

  • Scaling Privacy with Starlight
Paul Gadi

Paul currently stewards the KERNEL Gaming Guild, a community of the most talented individuals in the web3 space. He has been developing games since 2004, and has always been interested in the intersection of game design and new tech.

He is CTO / Co-Founder of OP Games, a game platform company building Arcadia is built using open-source game legos, helping game developers create more sustainable economies in the coming metaverse.

  • A More Regenerative, Interactive Commons
Paul Hauner

Co-founder of Sigma Prime and Lighthouse. Proud contributor to Ethereum Proof-of-Stake.

  • "It's 10pm, do you know where your mnemonic is?"
Paul Hauner
  • Building a Post-Merge World
Paul Kohlhaas

economist, biohacker, developer, building on Ethereum since 2016. on a mission to accelerate scientific progress and open medicine. previously at ConsenSys and identity solution uPort, founder of Eth dev studio &

  • Smart Contracts and Petri Dishes: Creating a Shared Technical Infrastructure Roadmap for Descentralised Science (DeSci) on Ethereum
Paula Berman

Paula Berman is COO of RadicalxChange Foundation, a non-profit supporting a global movement for next-generation political economies.

  • Bottom Up Building: Pathways towards a Decentralized Society
Paweł Bylica

Working on EVM in Ipsilon team (Ethereum Foundation)

  • What's next in EVM
  • EVM-first EIPs Workshop
Pedro Alcocer

Data science and machine learning lead on the Lens Protocol at the Aave Companies.

  • How to Integrate Diverse Sources of Reputational Evidence: Learnings from the Lens Protocol Reputation System
Peter Davies

I am an independent Ethereum researcher (currently funded by the Ethereum Foundation). Most of my work is on the next generation Execution Layer Specifications.

  • EELS: The Future of Execution Layer Specifications
Péter Garamvölgyi

I'm a web3 enthusiast, interested in both dapp development and low-level protocol engineering.

  • Challenges of Parallelizability under Ethereum's Execution Model
Péter Szilágyi

GETH Team Lead

  • Geth Team AMA
Philip Daian

Philip Daian is a Ph.D. candidate in computer science at Cornell Tech, and a steward of Flashbots, a research and product organization that is active within the MEV space. He is particularly interested in the intersection of cryptocurrencies, financial systems, programmable privacy, and formal systems. His past work includes uncovering and publicizing MEV in the ETH community, and seeking to illuminate the dark forest of incentives and mechanisms in which we all co-exist.

  • MEV for the Next Billion: It's Time to Get Serious...
Philipp Zahn
  • Compositionality: The 10x Engineer Secret Sauce
Pia Mancini

Democracy activist, open source sustainer, co-founder & CEO at Open Collective and Chair of DemocracyEarth Foundation. I worked in politics in Argentina and developed technology for democracy around the world. YC Alum, YGL (World Economic Forum), globe-trotter and Roma's mum.

  • The Future is Collective
Piper Merriam

I am a long time core developer of the Ethereum protocol that loves to make things and tell stories.

  • The Portal Network
  • The Power of Stories

Pol Lanski is the COO of DAppNode and builder at dOrg.
After mining dogecoin in 2014, fell in love with the political possibilities of blockchains - starting with the dependency of political sovereignty from economic sovereignty.
He spends most of the time thinking about economics, incentives, ecosystems and outcomes.

  • Everything a Solo Staker Should Know for the Next Phase of Ethereum

I am a professional mathematician that temporarily happen to be a core developer at prysmaticlabs. I enjoy the types of puzzles that arise when trying to hack the protocol.

  • The Right Way to Hash a Merkle Tree

Ethereum R&D at OP Labs, EIP-4844 co-author, eth2 dev.

  • Danksharding Workshop
Puja Ohlhaver

Puja Ohlhaver is co-author of Decentralized Society: Finding Web3's Soul.

She is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and social incentive design thinker, whose work has been featured in various outlets, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Wired Magazine, Politico.

She is currently a strategist at Flashbots.

  • Bottom Up Building: Pathways towards a Decentralized Society
Qi Zhou

Qi Zhou, Founder and CEO of QuarkChain.
Qi got his doctorate degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, with nearly 10 papers published. When in graduate school, he developed one software and won a prize from Microsoft, awarded by Bill Gates in person. Qi previously worked as a senior engineer at Google and Facebook headquarters in the United States and has ten years of working experience in the field of distributed systems.

  • On the Future of Web3 — Paving the Way to End-to-End Fully-Decentralized Web

Design strategy for Privacy & Scaling Explorations

  • Designing Public Goods Using ZKPs
  • Participant Experience Design
Rahul Kothari

Rahul is an engineer at Reddit's crypto team. He previously worked briefly for the Ethereum Foundation and was also a core contributor to Bluesky, the decentralised social media research org by Jack Dorsey. Rahul has worked for multiple blockchain ecosystems and therefore enjoys fiddling with unique blockchain architectures (like those by some L2s). Rahul's current interests are L2s and social tokens. Outside of crypto, Rahul enjoys table tennis, climbing and doing improv!

  • New Paradigms by Non EVM Compatible L2s!
Raoul Schaffranek

Raoul Schaffranek studied Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University, Germany, where he obtained B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees. He wrote his master thesis about compositional modeling and fully automated verification of distributed systems and formalized his findings with the Isabelle proof assistant. After leaving University, Raoul joined Runtime Verification as a formal verification engineer, where he spends most of his time on security audits for the Ethereum ecosystem.

  • Tackling Rounding Errors with Precision Analysis
Remco Bloemen

Designing and building protocols at Worldcoin.
Seasoned gas golfer. Rustacean. Thoroughbred engineer and startup artist. Math/physics nerd. Father. Bicycle maximalist.

  • Worldcoin

Ops, startups, higher ed + tech, outdoor activities.

  • Autonomous Worlds Self Led Session
Richard Moore

Just another random developer from Canada, loving Ethereum and looking forward to the awesome future Blockchain has in store. Otherwise, the author of ethers and co-author of Firefly. :)

  • Ethers: What's New in v6?
Rikard Hjort

Rikard Hjort is an auditor and developer at Runtime Verification, researching formal methods for developing high-assurance smart contracts for blockchains. He has been putting his efforts into the Ethereum, Cosmos and Rust-based ecosystems.

  • Formal Methods for the Working DeFi Dev
Rob Stupay

Rob Stupay is managing communications at Remix.

  • Remix Rewards
  • What's new in Remix
Roberto Saltini

Roberto is currently leading the Dependable Distributed Systems research team at ConsenSys. His main research interests revolve around the design, analysis and formal verification of distributed protocols.

  • Formal Specification and Verification of the Distributed Validator Technology protocol
Romina Ayelén Sejas
  • Web3 is Going Great
  • How to Build Bigger and Stronger ETH Communities in Latam - EN ESPAÑOL
Ryan Lackey

Ryan Lackey has been a cypherpunk since the early 1990s. After working on anonymous Chaumian blinded electronic cash and dropping out of MIT, he moved to the Caribbean to build his first startup. Co-founder of the world's first offshore datahaven, HavenCo, he also has worked as a war-zone defense contractor, founded a YC-funded startup to Cloudflare, and is now Chief Security Officer of Evertas, the first dedicated cryptoasset insurance company.

  • Notable security incidents since Devcon V
  • How to Not Be Worth Kidnapping
  • A More Regenerative, Interactive Commons
Safder Raza

Saf is curious about everything that has to do with pushing people to be the best versions of themselves. After spending a previous life as a mechanical engineer, Saf has worked in education, career coaching, mentorship and now leads People Operations at Gitcoin. You can also find him catherding the brightest Gen Z-ers at Dream DAO. Outside of work, Saf loves to spend time in the mountains, and is an avid trail ultra-runner and skier.

  • What Can DAOs Learn From
  • Buidl the Buidlers: How You Can Create the Next Generation of Web3 Contributors through Education, Peer Review, and Professional Development
Sam Flamini

Sam is a self taught developer who works on Developer Experience at Superfluid.

  • Building a Thriving Developer Community
Sam Richards

Code monkey at @Ethereum Foundation building @ethdotorg & other projects. Open source maxi @developer_dao. Always under construction, thanks for your patience.

  • Education as a Public Good: Past, Present & Future of
  • Web3 vs Web2 Security: Same or Different?
Sampriti Panda
  • zkemail: Decentralized ID Verification on Chain Without Servers

Self taught Programmer, artist and cultural promoter.
Subgraph developer for
Blockchain consultant for
7+ years working with arts, culture and communities.
3+ years building software solutions.

  • Using Blockchain to Overcome LATAM Challenges
Sanna Bedi
  • UNICEF CryptoFund: Exploring Blockchain and How it Could Change Futures for the Most Vulnerable
Santiago Palladino

Santiago joined the Ethereum dev space in 2017. He has worked as Director of Development and Security Reseacher at OpenZeppelin, has contributed to multiple open source projects, and wrote the book "Ethereum for Web Developers". He's also a councilmember for TheGraph.

Prior to web3, he worked for over 10 years on software development, focusing on disease surveillance and disaster response. He was also a TA at University of Buenos Aires, where he got his Masters in Computer Science.

  • Being a Responsible Multisig Signer (Verify, Don't Trust!)
Santiago Siri

Founder of Democracy Earth Foundation, a non-profit organization backed by Y Combinator that has built Universal Basic Income on Ethereum and launched the Proof of Humanity protocol. In the past he started the Partido de la Red, the first political party born out of the Internet that ran for elections in Argentina. Author of "Hacktivismo", published in 2015 by Random House.

  • Universal Basic Income for Humanity
Sasha Tanase

"My job is to translate extremely complex products into palatable bits and to be the users' voice when dApps are built"

In a constant search for improvement in design processes, products, and the blockchain space, Sasha Tanase has been working in Ethereum since 2018.

Past Head of Design at Alethio/ConsenSys, Head of Design Research at Keep Network, currently she is leading Design Research and Product Design at tBTC/Threshold Network and is one of the co-founders of Web3UX research panel.

  • The Future of Web3UX - a Paradigm Shift for a Better Collaboration between Design and Development
Scott Moore
  • Participant Experience Design
Scott Simpson
  • Experiments with EthereumJS
Severiano Sisneros

I'm a Senior Cryptographer at Semiotic Labs. I am currently developing cryptography solutions for The Graph protocol as a core dev. Before that I was a Senior Principal Anti-Tamper Security Engineer at Northrop Grumman and before that I was doing cyber security R&D at Sandia National Labs. I have an MSEE from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I studied cryptography.

  • A SNARKs Tale: A Story of Building SNARK Solutions on Mainnet

ALOHA FRENS! My docs name is Jordan Ham. Kaleikaumaka is my Hawaiian name:)

Hawaiian+Chinese+Portuguese+ Dutch. Music is my first language. My new favorite hobby is pulling all night hangathons jamming at hackathons and volunteering!

  • Ukulele Workshop
  • Ukulele Workshop
Shane O'Connor

Shane O’Connor is an Innovation Manager at UNICEF’s Office of Innovation, exploring how technologies, like blockchain, drones, virtual and augmented reality, AI and data science can intersect with the needs of a billion people to accelerate UNICEF’s impact for children.
Previously, Shane led Technology for Development (T4D) and Innovation efforts for UNICEF in Sierra Leone.
Before joining UNICEF, Shane was CTO, Deputy MD, and Co-Founder of a mobile financial services platform.

  • Building blockchain products for UNICEF. How to get involved.
  • The Role UNICEF Plays in Encouraging the “Impact Trinity” – Real world Use-cases, Open-source Software and For-Profit Business models
Shiv Malik

Shiv Malik - CEO Pool Foundation
Shiv Malik is the author of two books, the co-founder of the Intergenerational Foundation think tank, an award nominated broadcaster, and a former investigative ​journalist for the Guardian. In 2021 he co-founded Pool and currently leads the foundation on its mission to bring Data Unions to the world and ensure people have control of their data and a genuine stake in the digital economy.

  • Sign in With Ethereum: the Most Powerful Protocol in #Web3?
Shrey Jain

Shrey Jain is a Web3 researcher at Microsoft under Glen Weyl where he focuses his research on identity, coordination, and machine learning.

  • Working Towards a Plural Public via Common Knowledge and Designated Verifier Proofs
Shumo Chu

I am co-founder of Manta Network. I graduated as a PhD from University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering, where I was advised by computer scientist Dan Suciu. I obtained my bachelor degree from Wuhan University, China. Before Manta, I was a research scientist at Algorand and assistant professor at UCSB.

  • Poseidon VM: a zkApp friendly VM with EVM compatibility
Simon Polrot

Educating on crypto and public blockchains since 2015

  • The Influence of Crypto Regulation on Open Blockchains: Opportunities and Challenges
simona pop

founder in the web3 space (Bounties Network), governance meta steward (Gitcoin, ENS, Element DAO), governance engagement strategy and tooling (Gitcoin DAO), community strategy (Status), advisory (part of many projects’ in the ecosystem’s journey including 3Box, EPNS, DoinGud and more), mentorship (Kernel), Event creator and content curator (Schelling Point, Liscon, EthDenver)

  • DAOs and Biomimicry
Sina Mahmoodi

I work on the go-ethereum client, with a focus on tracing, the JSON-RPC as well as GraphQL APIs.

  • EVM Tracing in Geth
Skylar Weaver

Skylar works with the Ethereum Foundation leading the Devcon team, with a strong focus on community education around Ethereum. Having started developing applications around Bitcoin back in 2013, Skylar is now most passionate about Ethereum, its community, and the positive impact it can bring to the world. And yeah also its memes.

  • Opening Ceremonies
Solange Gueiros

Blockchain developer focused on Ethereum and smart contracts. MSc in digital currencies. She has been working with technology for over 20 years. Speaker in world conferences since 2018, also she won awards at Ethereum hackathons. She was listed in Cointelegraph Brazil top 50.

  • How to Build Bigger and Stronger ETH Communities in Latam - EN ESPAÑOL
Soy Fira

Im the first female artist in Colombia. I paint in one line trace because we're all connected by one trace, and if you are connected to your soul you can shine brighter. I am a civil engineer, convinced that the bridges that we need to build to make the world a better place are physical and between people. I exhibit my NFTs at Expo Dubai and coming soon at Times Square. I have been feature in Forbes, Bloomberg, Elle UK, Vogue magazine among other important press mediums.

  • Art Reflects What Happens in Society
Spencer Macdonald
  • Web3 vs Web2 Security: Same or Different?
Sreeram Kannan

Sreeram Kannan is Founder of EigenLayer and an associate professor at the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle, where he leads the UW Blockchain Lab. He was a postdoctoral scholar at University of California, Berkeley and a visiting postdoc at Stanford between 2012-2014 before which he received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and M.S. in mathematics from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.

  • [Panel] The Staking Economy: From Monolith to Modularity
Stani Kulechov

Stani Kulechov, founder and CEO of the Aave Companies, was studying law at the University of Helsinki when he first began learning about smart contracts and thus, about the Ethereum blockchain network.  This lead to an exploration of how blockchain technology could impact the traditional financial system. In 2017, Stani released ETHLend, one of the first DeFi DApps which allowed for peer-to-peer digital asset transactions. Stani has made it his mission to create tools for an open, transparent, a

  • The web3 Social Layer - Web3 Social: the Next Wave of Innovation
Stefan Kobrc

Developer with over a decade experience in the blockchain industry specifically. Worked in various industries during his career (government, banking, public transport, real estate, education, etc.) ETH supporter since the days of the ICO and ETH staker since the beacon chains inception.

  • Like a Kindergeburtstag - Ethereum Node in under 3 minutes with Stereum
Stefan Starflinger

Stefan Starflinger is a vienna-based fullstack developer at Bitfly. He attended the University of Vienna and graduated with a master's degree in business informatics. Currently he's working on multiple crypto related projects, namely Ethermine, and Ethermine Staking.

  • Run Your Own
Steffen Schuldenzucker

I study and design AMMs, stablecoin markets, and other cryptoeconomic systems. I've co-designed a large part of Gyroscope's core system. In my academic research, I have studied the stability of financial systems using game theory and network theory. Previously PostDoc at Goethe University. CS PhD from University of Zurich.

  • Designing Autonomous Markets for Stablecoin Monetary Policy
Stephane Gosselin

MEV boost architect !

  • [Panel] The Staking Economy: From Monolith to Modularity
Steve Berryman

A highly motivated professional with over 25 years' software engineering experience within the financial industry, Steve has a degree and a Ph.D in Computer Science. He has worked for tier one investment banks across the globe, where his main focus has been on cutting edge derivatives and software to price and manage their risk. Steve is responsible for running one of the largest Ethereum validating infrastructures in the world, and is working with institutional financial firms to make Ethereum

  • Validator Receipts: an Alternative to Liquid Staking Derivatives
Steven Valeri

Smart Contract Dev @ Aave

  • GHO

Researcher at Flashbots

  • This is MEV

Facilitator of the Data Insights Core Unit at MakerDAO & organiser of ETHGathering

  • 2022 statistics on MakerDAO voter delegation
Takamichi Tsutsumi

Software engineer working on privacy and scaling.

  • Private Exchange on ZKOPRU
Tarun Chitra

Floating through the Ether, reading math papers, writing DeFi research @GauntletNetwork, techno lover.

  • Cost of Feudalism: Towards a Theory of MEV
  • Battle of the Bridges: Untangling the Tradeoffs of Various Bridge Designs
Tas Dienes

Tas works on enterprise ecosystem development and ecosystem support at EF. He is co-chair of the EEA Community Projects Project Governing Board.

  • A Layer 2 Standards Working Group
  • EEA Community Projects: a Home for Open Standards Development Projects, Managed by OASIS
Taylor Monahan
  • Web3 vs Web2 Security: Same or Different?
Taylor Monahan

Building MetaMask.

  • The Original Sin
Terence Tsao

👋 Hi, I'm a core dev at Prismatic labs. I'm most known for my work on Prysm, a consensus layer client written in Go. I mostly worked on the proof of stake Ethereum, known as the beacon chain. Lately, I've been working extensively on "the merge", hybrid PBS, and eip4844.

  • Hybrid PBS from CL's Perspective
Theo Diamandis

Researcher at Bain Capital Crypto & MIT PhD student

  • A Mechanism for Pricing Non-fungible Resources: Toward Multi-dimensional Fee Markets
Thibaut Schaeffer

ZoKrates @ Ethereum Foundation

  • A ZoKrates Update
Thijs Maas

Thijs Maas is a lawyer turned crypto-entrepreneur, now co-founder and CEO of Onramper, a fiat on-ramp aggregator. After going down the crypto-rabbit hole and helping many startups figure out strategy, compliance, and go-to-market, he recognized the existing challenges in fiat-to-crypto on-ramps - and knew they were solvable.

  • The State of Fiat On-Ramps for Layer 2s
Thomas Barker

Entering Fintech middle age. Freelance, and doing lots at @mattereum this year. Most of my career has been spent building mid-tier software for early growth start-ups. Very interested in using web3 for real-world useful things, talk to me about carbon credits and W3C Verifiable Credentials. Never got into the speculation, so having fun staying poor :)

Devcon attendee since No. 1 in London!

  • Five Devcons in Five Minutes
Thore Hildebrandt
  • Privacy & Scaling Exploration — What We Do and How to Collaborate
Tiago Varandas

Solar Punk Product Designer of delightful & meaningful web 3 products. Currently focussed on building governance UI's at MakerDAO DUX.

  • DAO Governance Design Jam
Tim Beiko

Tim Beiko runs the AllCoreDevs calls for Ethereum.

  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Ethereum Magicians Protocol Roadmap Session
Tim Myers

Principal System Engineer at Infura

  • Decentralizing Infura

Tim has focused on developing blockchain & media applications at Ascribe, BigchainDB, COALA IP, Ocean Protocol, and is now working on an implementation for Soulbound token within the EIP process: EIP-4973 (Account-bound tokens).

  • ERC lightning talks
Tom Howard

Investing in the infrastructure and tools needed to build the Network State. Previously co-founded Mosendo DAI wallet, PowerTrade options exchange, and DeFi Nation community. DAOs: MetaCartel, RaidGuild, Synthetix, UMA

  • Notable security incidents since Devcon V
Tom McLean
  • Parameter Optimization and Emergent Behavior in DeFi: Agent Based Simulations and Reinforcement Learning
Tomasz Kornuta

I am an applied research scientist, able to drive research into novel directions.

With over 20 years in academia and industry, I have developed strong analytical & problem solving skills along with deep expertise in software engineering, robotics, visual perception and machine learning.

I am a fan of robotics, AI, design patterns and MOOCs.

  • Reinforcement Learning for Query Pricing in The Graph
Toño Romero

ETHLima Community Leader.
Blockchain enthusiast.
Financial Executive with more than 20 years of experience in telcos.
Systems Engineering and Finance studies.

  • How to Build Bigger and Stronger ETH Communities in Latam - EN ESPAÑOL
Tony Olendo

Tony Olendo is a Developer Education Evangelist at Polygon. He has a passion for Ethereum Developer Education and specifically helping developers in their Solidity journey. He is also a core team member of Afrofuture DAO, Africa's largest community of NFT artists and also a co-founder of Web3Afrika, Africa's largest community of Web3 builders.

  • Web3 Adoption in Africa
Torgin Mackinga

Torgin is a smart contract auditor at ChainSecurity.
He published a paper titled "TWAP Oracle attacks: Easier done than said?" analyzing TWAP oracles and introducing the "multi-block MEV attack", which makes manipulation much cheaper by hiding information from arbitrageurs.

  • Future-block MEV in Proof of Stake
Trent Van Epps
  • ethereum ecosystem work & All Core Devs call
  • creating with @StatefulWorks
  • one of many building the @ProtocolGuild
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Practical Pluralism ♻️🌱
  • Funding Ethereum with the Protocol Guild
  • Zkitter - Anonymous Social Network
Tynan Richards

Blockchain Security Engineer for ChainSecurity

  • Underhanded Solidity
Ulaş Erdoğan
  • Education across Cultures
Uma Roy

Building proof of consensus at

  • SNARK Light Clients
  • Battle of the Bridges: Untangling the Tradeoffs of Various Bridge Designs
Uri Kirstein

Uri is a Developer Advocate and Software Developer at Certora. Uri fell in love with blockchain in 2018 after doing a research project as an undergraduate student at the Technion. He joined Certora right after graduation.

  • Bad Proofs in Formal Verification
Uros Kukic

I'm a long-time solidity developer and a researcher at 3327. Always interested in new technologies and getting a clear understanding of various topics.

  • How to Stay Up To Date With Web3 Technologies
Vasiliy Shapovalov

Tech guy at Lido

  • "It's 10pm, do you know where your mnemonic is?"
  • Promoting Small and Independent Stakers: Q&A with the Ethereum Staking Protocols
  • The Future of Liquid Staking
Venkatesh Rao

Venkatesh Rao is a writer and consultant. He writes the Ribbonfarm blog, and is the author of Tempo, a book on decision-making. He holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering (2003) from the University of Michigan. He is currently based in Los Angeles

  • There Are Many Alternatives: Unlocking Civilizational Hypercomplexity with Ethereum
Viktor Bunin | Coinbase Cloud

Viktor Bunin leads the Protocol Operations team at Coinbase Cloud. He is the industry’s first Protocol Specialist, a role he created as an early employee of Bison Trails that has now become an industry staple at orgs like a16z, Blockdaemon, and Figment. Viktor leads Coinbase Cloud to define Cloud’s protocol roadmap, initiate strategic initiatives, and support crypto-native Coinbase products. He's also an active angel investor, specializing in protocols, infrastructure, and crypto SaaS.

  • [Panel] The Staking Economy: From Monolith to Modularity
Vince Major

Vince Major is an actor, marketer and storyteller. Currently working as the head of marketing at MyEtherWallet, Vince has been working in the arts for over a decade.

  • My Mother Hates Your Project (And Mine)! Why We Need More Soft Skills In Crypto
Vincent Wen

Vincent Wen is an Engineering Manager at Messari, the leading provider of crypto market intelligence products. Prior to becoming a full-time degen in the crypto rabbit hole, Vincent worked as a Software Engineer at Microsoft and Technology Associate at Bridgewater. Vincent graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. There, he majored in Computer Science and learned the skills necessary to become the shadowy super-coder he is today.

  • The Road to Standardized Subgraphs
Vitalik Buterin

Chief Scientist @ Ethereum Foundation

  • Opening Ceremonies
  • What to know about Zero Knowledge
  • Account Abstraction Panel
Vivek Bhupatiraju
Vivek Singh

co-founder at Gitcoin. currently focused on KERNEL, a web3 educational web which brings together 200 incredible peers, 3 times a year for a unique experience. the primary orientation is around deepening generative relationships amongst incredible peers.

  • A More Regenerative, Interactive Commons
Vlad Zamfir

Vlad Zamfir is a proof-of-stake and consensus protocol designer, also known in Ethereum and cryptocurrency expert communities for pioneering research on cryptoeconomics, blockchain governance and crypto law.

Low-key, Vlad’s contributed to the DAO hard fork, to the latest message fork driven choice rule, and to many arguments against on-chain governance and blockchain immutability.

  • Smart Transactions
Wanseob Lim

Tech lead @ EF PSE, Author of Zkopru

  • ELI5: Zero Knowledge
  • Public Goods and Experiments, the journey of Zkopru
Wei Dai

Wei Dai is a Cryptographer at Bain Capital Crypto. He is not the inventor of b-money, who the unit of Ethereum and the Maker stablecoin is named after. Nevertheless, he aspires to contribute enough to the R&D of blockchains so that he may one day become "the Wei Dai."

  • Why We Need Threshold FHE for Blockchains
  • Towards a Feature-Complete and Backwards-Compatible Privacy Layer for Ethereum
Weiwu Zhang

Over 7 years experience in blockchain, from alt currency design to trading algorithms, served as blockchain architect in Commonwealth Bank of Australia (biggest financial institution in Australia). R3 global architect office. Architect for 3 altcoins and 7 ICO projects.

  • Tokenizing Brands: 3 Key Learnings
Will Villanueva

A former eth2 core researcher, Will Villanueva is currently the CEO and Cofounder of Element Finance.

  • Cryptoeconomics Dive: LP Volatility Harvesting Across Yield Rates
Will Wilson
  • Debugging the Ethereum Merge with Parallel Universes
William George

William George has a PhD in mathematics from the University of Toronto. His thesis was on number theory problems related to elliptic curve cryptography. During postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Toronto and at École Polytechnique (Palaiseau, France), he has done research on applications of blockchains, particularly in the use of blockchains in identity management systems. William is currently research lead for the blockchain-based dispute resolution platform Kleros.

  • Economic Incentives and Souls in Schelling-point Based Oracles
Wouter Kampmann

Wouter Kampmann is currently working as team lead of the Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling Core Unit (SES) at MakerDAO. The SES team performs research, analysis, and bootstrapping work on the challenges and solutions for scaling up MakerDAO. Its mission is to remove the barriers between decentralized workforce, capital and work. Previously, Wouter worked as the Head of Engineering at the Maker Foundation.

  • The History and Future of Decentralized Operations at MakerDAO
Ya-wen Jeng
  • Unirep Social - A demo application of Unirep protocol
Yanyan Ho

Dapp-Learning Founder. Faithful of Austrian economics, Interested in DEFI, ZK, DAO

  • Education across Cultures
  • Building ethereum community together in china

Dr. Yaoqi Jia is the founder of AltLayer, an elastic and versatile scaling protocol for Web3. Before 2022, he was the director of Parity Asia, which provides blockchain infrastructure (say OpenEthereum) for the decentralised Web. He’s selected to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list, 2019. Prior to that, he was the co-founder and CTO of Zilliqa. He got his Ph.D. in 2017 and his work was published in CCS, Usenix Security and other top-tier conferences.

  • AltLayer: Runtime Execution and Elastic Scaling Layer for Ethereum
Ye Zhang

Ye Zhang is the co-founder and zk-researcher at Scroll. He used to work on hardware acceleration for ZKP algorithms and theoretical constructions behind ZKP protocols. Now his focus is on optimizing the zkEVM.

  • Scroll Pre-Alpha Testnet Upgrade
  • Proof Systems for zkRollups
Yi Sun

ZKP enthusiast and open-source developer of ZK circuits for various crypto primitives (ECDSA, elliptic curve pairings).

  • ZK Circuits for Elliptic Curve Operations in Halo2
  • Scaling up Trustless Neural Network Inference with Zero-Knowledge Proofs
  • ZK Application Design Patterns
Ying Tong

Core Developer at Electric Coin Company

  • Recursive ZK Applications and Affordances
  • Future of Proving Systems - Opening Remarks
  • Next-Generation DSLs and IRs
Yoav Weiss
  • Account Abstraction Panel
Yoseph Ayele

Yoseph is an entrepreneur building at the intersection of Web3 and Africa, and focused on growing the borderless economy on the continent.

He co-founded and was CEO of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (, a community of 500+ top tier entrepreneurs and investors from 68 countries. He built a new immigration program with the New Zealand government, and ran it as a public-private partnership. Yoseph is from Ethiopia, and grew up in East Africa.

  • Borderless Africa - a New Narrative
  • Web3 Adoption in Africa
Youssef El Housni

I am an applied cryptographer at ConsenSys working on cryptography and SNARK libraries in Go (see gnark and gnark-crypto). I am also a final year PhD student in cryptography at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.

  • Optimizing Cryptographic Algorithms used in Gnark